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Maybe Kasparov or Karpov.

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Q: Who has won the most individual chess medals in the Olympiads?
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What individual athlete has won the most individual medals excluding team participation medals?

mike Philips

Who has won the most Individual gold medals?

Michael Phelps - 11

Who won the most awards in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Michael Phelps won the most individual medals. I think China won the most medals for their country.

Who has won the most individual olympic medals in women's gymnastics?

larissa latynina

Who won the most individual Olympic medal?

Larissa Latynina 18 medals overall. Michael Phelps 14 gold medals, 16 medals overall.

In the Olympics who won the most medals?

In the recent 2008 Beijing games Michael Phelps won the most medals with 8 golds. In past games the most medals won by an individual is 18 medals won by Larisa Latynina a Ukrainian Gymnast in 1964.

Who won the most Olympic gold medals at the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

Individual is Michael phelps with 8 gold medals. country is china with 51 gold medals.

Who won the most medals at the 2008 olmypics?

Michael Phelps won the most individual medals, with 8 gold. Nationally, USA had the most medals with 110 (36G, 38S, 36B). Second was the host country, China, with 100 (51G, 21S, 28B) medals.

Who is the person who has won the most olympic medals who is still living?

Michael Phelps has 22 career Olympic medals (18 of which are gold) in swimming.The second most awarded Olympic medalist is Larisa Latynina (gymnastics), with 18 (9 gold). Latynina still holds the record for most Olympic medals in individual events (14 to Phelps' 13). However, Phelps has already qualified for the 2016 Olympics and stands a reasonable chance to at earn at least a bronze in more than one individual event there; while Latynina (who was born in 1934) is still living, it's unlikely that she will compete in any future Olympiads.

What individual has won the most Olympic gold medals of all time?

Michael Phelps.

Who won the most individual medals in Olympic History?

Micheal phelps! Micheal phelps!

What are the most golds medals won by one individual in the Olympics?

# 36, gold # 38, silver # 36, branze for a total of a 110 medals given out in the U.S.A.Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, swimmer Michael Phelps of the United States is the individual that has won the most gold medals with 14.

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