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Yale is credited with winning the most national championships ? 18. Princeton has won 17. However, Yale's last title was in 1927 and Princeton's was in 1922. Since 1936Notre Dame Has the most with 8. Since the inception of the BCS in'98 the University of So. California (USC) has the most with 2. 16 Alabama ANSWERTeamRecognized titles Notre Dame 13 USC 11 Alabama 11 Oklahoma 9 Ohio State 7 Michigan 7 Minnesota 6 Nebraska 5 Pittsburgh 5 Miami 5 Texas 4 Tennessee 4 Georgia Tech 4 Harvard 4 Texas A&M 1

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Q: Who has won the most NCAA football Division 1 national championships?
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What conference in NCAA Division 1 college football have the most national championships?


Who has won the most national championships in football?

Yale University is the school with the most national championships in football. The school with the most wins in NCAA Division I football is the University of Michigan.

How many conference championships for Georgia football?

The Bulldogs have won two consensus NCAA Division 1-A college football National Championships and 12 Southeastern Conference championships.

Who has the fewest ncaa football national championships?

Many teams have won 0 national championships.

Which schools have won NCAA championships in football basketball and baseball?

Two schools have won NCAA national championships in football, baseball, and men's basketball: Jacksonville State University (NCAA Division II) Men's Basketball (1985) Baseball (1990, 1991) Football (1992) University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (NCAA Division III) Men's Basketball (1984, 1989) Baseball (2005) Football (2007, 2009, 2010) Note 1: The NCAA does not officially sanction a football national championship in FBS / Division I Note 2: Jacksonville State now competes at FCS / Division I

Which NCAA division 1 schools have won national championships in mens basketball and womens basketball and football?

Stanford and Maryland

Which ncaa division won the most division 1 football national championships?

Do you mean which conference? This question has been "answered", though there are various opinions on the topic.

What NCAA conference has the most national championships in football?


How many championships do Ohio State have in football?

they have 18 national championships most in ncaa

How many NCAA national football championships has Notre Dame won?

Notre Dame is credited with 13 national championships. The years were 1924, 1929, 1930, 1938, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1949, 1953, 1966, 1973, 1977, and 1988. ==actually, in division 1A, the NCAA does not award a championship. The reference made to thirteen championships here are "POLL" championships. The early ones especially have to be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. Notre Dame has not won any NCAA Football National Championships. The NCAA does not award a national football title in Division 1A football because there is not a sanctioned NCAA playoff system in place as there is in most other NCAA sports. The football Division 1A National Football title is a "mythical" title being decided by as many as several dozen different polling groups over the past 150 odd years. There have been as many as five national champions voted in a single year in the past. The current BCS National Title is not recognized by the NCAA either.

What football team has won the most NCAA championships?

Michigan has 11 Football national championships. Go blue!

How many ncaa national championships were won by the University of Kansas football team?

The Kansas Jayhawks have not won any National Championships in football.

Who has won the most ncaa football championships?

Princeton holds the record with 28 National Championships.

How many NCAA football championships has the University of Nebraska won?

They have won 5 national championships

What ncaa conference has most national championships in football?

big ten

How many ncaa national championships has Missouri football won?


How many NCAA Division 1 Championships has UCLA won in football?

1, in 1954

How many NCAA football championships does Miami hurricans have?

The Miami Hurricanes have 5 national championships in football the last being in 2001.

How many NCAA national championships did marshall university win?

Marshall has two NCAA Division I-AA National Titles - 1992 & 1996

Which schools has won the most division 1A team national championships and overall team and individual national championships?

USC has won the most team national championships, and UCLA has won the most combined.Who are the next ten schools? this is not including football the NCAA dose not award national championships in football so its hard to say and you will pobabibly get a different answer depending on who you ask

How many ncaa football national championships does floride gators have?

i think 2.

How many NCAA football national championships has the University of Washington won?


How many ncaa football national championships has university of yale won?


How many NCAA football national championships has University of Alabama lost?


How many ncaa football championships has Alabama won?

Alabama has won 13 National Championships and 22 SEC Conference Championships.