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Q: Who has won the fa cup 3 times?
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How many times have Wolverhampton Wanderers won the fa cup?

3 times

How many fa cup titles won by Liverpool?

They have won the FA Cup 7 times, coming runner up 6 times. They last won the FA Cup in 1991 against West Ham. The match itself went to 3-3 and Liverpool won 3-1 on penalties.

How many times has Bolton won the fa cup?

Bolton has won a total of 4 FA cups. 3 times in the 1920's and the fourth time in 1958.

Which team won the FA cup in 2010?

Internazionale won the FA Cup in 2010 defeating FC Barcelona 3-1.

How many fa cup has Liverpool won?


Who won the fa cup the day of the Hillsborough disaster?

Nobody won the FA cup on 15/04/09 as it was a semi-final. but the FA cup in 1989 was won by Liverpool 3-2 against Everton

Who has won more trophies Liverpool fc or Everton fc?

In short, Liverpool F.C. Liverpool have won the League 18 times, the FA Cup 7 times, the European Cup/Champions League 5 times, the UEFA Cup 3 times, the UEFA Super Cup 3 times, the Cup Winners Cup 3 times, the League Cup 7 times, the Community Shield 15 times and the (old) Second Division 3 times. Everton have won the League 9 times, the FA Cup 5 times, the Cup Winners Cup once, the Community Shield 9 times and the (old) Second Division once.

Who has held the FA cup for the longest period of time?

Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers are the only teams to have won it 3 times in a row, making them the longest holders of the FA Cup. However, Portsmouth won the FA Cup in 1939, and with the FA Cup not being contested again until after the war (1947) they can also say they are the longest holders of the cup.

How many times has arsenal beat spurs in fa cup?

spurs beat arsenal 3 times and arsenal won 5 times.

Who won the fa cup in 2004?

Manchester United beat Millwall 3-0 in the 2004 FA Cup Final

Last time Liverpool won FA cup?

The last time Liverpool won the FA Cup was in 2006: Liverpool 3 - 3 West Ham United 3-1 (penalties)

What player has won the FA cup with 3 different clubs?


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