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deco and van der saar

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Q: Who has won the champions league with two different clubs?
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Who has won the champions league with 2 different clubs as a manager?

Ernst Happel, Ottmar Hitzfield and Jose Mourinho are the three coaches that have won the champions league with two different clubs. But only Ernst Happel and Jose Mourinho have won it twice with two different clubs from two different countries.

Which players have scored for 5 different clubs in champions league?

There are two players Nickolas Anelka and hernan Crespo.

Which two footballers have played for two different British clubs in European Cup Champions League finals?

William gallas and toress

Is Gerard pique the only player to win successive champions league winners medals with different clubs?

No the first player to win the champion league with two different clubs was Marceille Desailly.Who won it with Marseille and A.C.Milan.

How are teams eligible to play in the Fifa World Club Championship?

They have to win or come runner up in certain club tornaments worldwide. European Clubs are the two finalists from the UEFA Champions League Australasian Clubs are from the final of the Asian Champions League American and Carribean Clubs are from the final of the CONCACAF Champions League African Clubs are from the final of the CAF Champions League Hope this helps SixThirty

Which player has won 4 league titles and the champions league 3 times with two different clubs?

It is Clarence Seedorf of Holland, with Ajax, Real Madrid and A.c. Milan.

English player to win two champions league medals with two different clubs?

There are two players Henning Berg anand damien duff. Blackburn Rovers and chelsea.

Which players have won the champions league with different clubs?

Clarence Seedorf has won 3 champion league medals with Ajax, real Madrid, A,C. Milan, Marcel Desailly has won it with Olympie Marseille's in two years . The only player to win the champion league with two diffrent clubs in two years.

Which two Norwegian football clubs in champions league?

four norwegian have participated in the Champions lEague. These are - Helsingborg IFK Göteborg AIK Malmo FF Out of these, Helsingborg have participated most times.

Who is the only player to have won the Champions League in successive years with two different clubs?

Paulo Sousa (Juventus in 1996, Borussia Dortmund - against Juventus - in 1997)

How many teams from Scotland qualify for the champions league?

Two clubs qualify from Scotland, usually Celtic and Rangers.

How do you get picked in the UEFA Champions League?

You have to be the top 4 clubs in England, spain, Italy and the second two reach the U.E.F.A.

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