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Manchester United have won more trophies then Liverpool since 2000.

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Q: Who has won more trophies in last since year 2000 Liverpool fc or Manchester united?
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Who won more trophies since 1975 man united or Liverpool?

It is Manchester United over Liverpool.

Who Since the year 2000 who has the most trophies Liverpool or Man Utd?

It is Manchester United.

How many trophies have Manchester united won since 1999?

Manchester United might have wo eighteen trophies in total they have won since 1996 25 trophies.

How many trophies have manchest united won?

Since 1878, Manchester United have won 58 trophies.

How many trophies have Manchester united won altogether since they were founded?


How many trophies have Manchester united won since 2000?

9 times

Which club is better Liverpool or Manchester United?

This answer, if based on statistics, would result in people concluding Manchester United is better due to the fact that they have more Premiership titles than Liverpool, since Liverpool has 18 and Manchester United has 19.

Which is the most successful soccer team over the past twenty years Liverpool or Manchester united?

Manchester United (LIVERPOOL NEVER WON THE PREMIERSHIP) United dominated the premiership since it started.

How many trophies have Manchester united won since sir alex feruson has been there manager?


How many times have Liverpool beaten Manchester united in premier league?

As of November 2011, since their first meeting in the Premier League in October 1992, Liverpool have beaten Manchester United on twelve occasions.

How many times have Manchester United won the football premier league?

Manchester United have nineteen premier league trophies as of the 2010-2011 season.

What English football club has won the most trophies since 2000?

LiverpoolIncorrect, Manchester United have won more, followed by Chelsea.

Played for 2 of top 4 clubs?

William Gallas - Chelsea and Arsenal. Ashley Cole - Arsenal and Chelsea. Mikael Silvestre - Manchester United and Arsenal. Emmanuel Petit - Chelsea and Arsenal. Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool (Loan) and Chelsea. Mark Bosnich - Manchester United and Chelsea. Andrew Cole - Arsenal and Manchester United. Mark Hughes - Manchester United and Chelsea. Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal and Liverpool. Paul Ince - Manchester United and Liverpool. Juan Sebastian Veron - Manchester United and Chelsea. Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea and Liverpool. These are the few I know of for a fact. These are all since the formation of the Premier League.

Premiership top 4 team since 1999?

The top four premiership clubs since 1999 are Manchester United, Arsenal , Chelsea and Liverpool.

Is Liverpool better Manchester United?

Manchester United have snatched every single cup title without losing a single match in there history since 1872 so no actually Man U are the better team.

How many trophys have Manchester United since Manchester United was formed?


How many premier league trophies hv man utd won since 2004?

Manchester United have won the Premiership 3 times since 2004, in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

How many barclays premier league trophies for manchester united from 1990-2009?

It was called the Barclay's premier league until 1992 , before that it was the English 1st devision. Since 1992 Manchester united have won 11 premier league titles.

How long as evra played for Manchester united?

He has been in Manchester United since 2006.

Which 7 clubs have been members of the Premier League since it began?

Aston Villa Arsenal Chelsea Everton Liverpool Manchester United Tottenham Hotspurs

When did Ipswich beat Manchester United 6-0?

Ipswich and Manchester United have faced off on 56 competitive occasions since their first match in the FA Cup in the 1957-58 season, which Manchester United won 2 - 0. A 6 - 0 Ipswich home victory occurred during the 1979-80 season, on March 1, 1980 - which came four and a half months after a 1 - 0 Manchester United win earlier in the season. Manchester United finished the season in second place, two points behind Liverpool F.C., beating Liverpool at home four weeks before the season's end - though a 4 - 1 Liverpool victory coupled with a 2 - 0 Manchester United loss on the last day of the season meant that the title went Liverpool's way.

Who has won more matches Liverpool or Manchester United?

Manchester United have won more games (and titles) than any other team in premier league history. Based on all the points accumulated over all the seasons since the league began Manchester United are well ahead of the nearest rivals Arsenal

Who is better man u you or Liverpool?

Manchester United are far better as they have won more matches and cups as well. Wrong! Liverpool have more trophies then Manchester United. Before Ferguson took over at United they were barely able to make the top ten of the league table Even suffered relegation, i think it was during the 70's. Only since he has taken over have United really started winning.During the Shankley and Paisely era at Liverpool they were the team to beat. Paisely is the only British manager to win 3 European cups and it only took him 5 years to do it. They won everything that there was to win. The only trophy to elude them in the last 20 years is the premier league.

How many times have Manchester united won premier league since 1992?

Manchester united have won 12

Who is better Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur?

Tottenham have played Manchester United 183 times professionally since 1898.Tottenham Hotspur have won - 48 times.Manchester United have won - 86 times.They have drawn 49 times.Based on the fact that Manchester United have won more trophies and games, they are the better team.