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* The SEC leads the Big Ten with a 63-45-2 all-time record.

* The SEC has a .582 winning percentage versus the Big Ten.

* The SEC holds an 245-114-10 (.678) all-time advantage.Since 1990, the SEC leads the ACC in head-to-head games with a 65-50-2 (.564) record. The SEC leads the Big 12 in all-time head-to-head match-ups with an 17-15-0 (.531) record. Against the Big 12's predecessor (the Big Eight) the SEC had a 43-43-6 (.500) record. The SEC leads the Pac-10 59-36-5 (.615).

Since 1990, the SEC leads by a much closer 10-9 (.526).

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Q: Who has won more out of conference games Big Ten vs SEC?
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