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Duke: 4 (1991, 1992, 2001, 2010)

UNC: 3 (1993, 2005, 2009)

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Q: Who has won more ncaa tournament games since 1985 unc or duke?
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How many games in a tournament?

63 games total. Go Duke!

Which player holds the record for the most career games played in the NCAA tournament?

Christian Laettner (Duke 1989-1882) played in 23 NCAA tournament games. Bobby Hurley (Duke 1990-1993) played in 20 games.

Who has the most Acc tournament wins?

Duke 19

When was Hailey Duke born?

Hailey Duke was born in 1985.

Who won the NCAA tournament last year?

2010 NCAA Basketball Championship Duke over Butler

What is duke basketball's head to head record vs Missouri basketball?

Duke 1, Missouri 0 (2001 ncaa tournament won by Duke)

How many times have Duke been to the NCAA tournament?

duke has won 85 times i have been to everyone of them and i am only 2

Which teams from the ACC are in the tournament and what percentage of the tournament is this?

In 2012, there are (or were) four teams in the NCAA tournament: Duke, Florida State, North Carolina and North Carolina State. That is 4/68 or 5.9% of the tournament. Actually, in 2011, the seven teams that were in the NCAA tournament were: Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Boston College and Virginia Tech. That constituted 7/65 of the entire NCAA tournament or 10.8%

How many times have duke and north Carolina played each other in the NCAA tournament?

They have never played another in the NCAA tournament

What team won the men's NCAA division 1 basketball tournament this year?


How good is UNC?

Terrible they might make it to the tournament this year if they are lucky. Go Duke!!!

Did butler win the last ncaa basketball tournament?

No, they lost to Duke, 61-59.