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Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Since there is no "official" national champion in FBS college football, the answer would depend upon the criteria you want to use.

According to the schools themselves, Alabama claims 13 while Notre Dame claims 11. But each school uses different and subjective criteria to determine which seasons are "claimed" as championships. Most researchers would argue that Alabama's criteria is somewhat looser than ND's, and that if the same qualifications were applied to each school, ND would have at least 13 as well.

If you count the total number of seasons where ANY recognized selector chose Alabama or Notre Dame as champion, then Notre Dame has 21 while Alabama has 17.

If you only count seasons where the school finished #1 in either the AP or the UPI/Coaches poll, the two schools are tied with 8 titles each.

If you only count BCS championships, Alabama leads 1-0.

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Q: Who has won more football titles Notre Dame or Alabama?
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Who was the coach at Alabama when they beat notre dame in football?

Gene stallings

What is the record between Alabama and Notre Dame in football?

As of the 2010 season, Notre Dame leads the series 5-1. Bear Bryant was 0-4 vs Notre Dame.

What year did Notre Dame beat Alabama in football?

Sat, Oct 04 1986 Alabama defeated Notre Dame 28-10 in Birmingham Al.

Do Alabama and Notre Dame tie for the most National Championships?

No, Princeton has 28 National Championships in Football. Notre Dame has 21 and Alabama has 17. Since the Polls started deciding championships in 1936, Notre Dame and Alabama tie for the most championships with 8.

Who won the 1973 NCAA Football National Championship?


What year did Notre Dame beat Alabama for the National Championship in football?


How many times has the University of Alabama played Notre Dame in football?

Notre Dame and Alabama have played each other six times, with Notre Dame holding a 5-1 advantage. The last time they met was in 1987, when ND won.

Which team has the most national titles in NCAA football history?

Notre Dame - 13

Who have the most wins in football teams?

that answer is the Michigan wolverines but the with the most titles in Notre Dame.

What is the all time list of national titles starting with Alabama?

actually Alabama is tied for second with Oklahoma and usc, notre dame has the most national bama and ou have 7 notre dame has 8

When was the last time alabama played notre dame?

In football that was November 14, 1987 in South Bend ... Notre Dame won 37-6.

Who has the most football championships in college history?

Tie between notre dame and Alabama