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Q: How many yards was the first ever field goal for notre dame?
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How many yards was the first ever field goal by Notre Dame?


What is the song played with the football players of Notre Dame enter the field?

It Is the Notre Dame Victory March.

Who has the most rushing yards against notre dame?

tony dorsett

Who has the most receiving yards in Notre Dame football history?

tim brown

When was Notre Dame built in France?

ConstructionIn 1160, having become the "parish church of the kings of Europe", Bishop Maurice de Sully deemed the current Parisian cathedral unworthy of its lofty role, and had it demolished shortly after he assumed the title of Bishop of Paris. According to legend, de Sully had a vision of a glorious new cathedral for Paris, and sketched it in the dirt outside of the original church. To begin the construction, the bishop had several houses demolished and had a new road built in order to transport materials for the new church.Construction began in 1163, during the reign of Louis VII, and opinion differs as to whether Bishop Maurice de Sully or Pope Alexander III laid the foundation stone of the cathedral. However, both were at the ceremony in question. Bishop de Sully went on to devote most of his life and wealth to the cathedral's construction.Construction of the west front, with its distinctive two towers, only began circa 1200, before the nave had been completed. Over the construction period, numerous architects worked on the site, as is evidenced by the differing styles at different heights of the west front and towers. Between 1210 and 1220, the fourth architect oversaw the construction of the level with the rose window and the great halls beneath the towers. The towers were completed around 1245, and the cathedral was completed around 1345.Timeline of construction1160. Bishop Maurice de Sully (named Bishop of Paris), orders the original cathedral to be demolished.1163. Cornerstone laid for Notre Dame de Paris - construction begins1182. Apse and choir completed.1196. Nave completed. Bishop de Sully dies.1200. Work begins on Western Façade.1225. Western Façade completed.1250. Western Towers and North Rose Window completed1250–1345. Remaining elements completed

Where is the notre dame?

Notre Dame, IN

How many yards did Eddie George rush for in the 1995 Notre Dame game?

According to, George ran for 207 yards in the 45-26 Ohio State victory over Notre Dame. George ran for 1,952 yards and scored 24 TDs in the 1995 season.

What town is Notre Dame in?

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, IN. However, many people will refer to Notre Dame as being located in South Bend, IN but Notre Dame, IN is slightly more specific.

How tall is notre dame in Paris?

Notre-Dame de Paris, also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame. It is 96 m

Who was the last person to get carried off the field for notre dame?

Marc Edwards

What are facts About Notre dame?

Notre Dame is french for "Our Lady" Notre dame took 80 years to build. 14 million people visit Notre dame every year. De Sully had notre Dame buit because of the expanding population. Notre Dame is in paris.

What was notre dame's worst football season?

In modern times, Notre Dame was 2-8 (.200) twice, 1956 and 1960. By win percentage, Notre Dame was 0-3 (.000) in 1887, which is also generally regarded as the first season of football for Notre Dame.