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Q: Who has won more European trophies Tottenham Hotspurs or Arsenal?
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Who is Tottenham Hotspurs main competitor?

Arsenal is Tottenham Hotspur's main rival.

Have arsenal banned vuvuzelas?

Yes, after Tottenham Hotspurs they were second to ban them

What is the most goals in a premier league match?

I think it is nine in a match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Why are Tottenham Hotspur FC so good?

It depends on what measure you are using for 'good'. Based on the number of major honours won during their history, Tottenham have a total of 26 trophies, whilst Arsenal (as a random example of other clubs) have 39 trophies, making Tottenham only 66% as good as Arsenal. As a comparison to the team with most trophies (Liverpool - 63), Tottenham are only 41% as good as the best team. If the basis is current form - then the answer is probably "Henry James Redknapp".

Which 7 clubs have been members of the Premier League since it began?

Aston Villa Arsenal Chelsea Everton Liverpool Manchester United Tottenham Hotspurs

Which teams have always been in the premiership?

* Arsenal * Aston Villa * Chelsea * Everton * Liverpool * Manchester United * Tottenham Hotspur Are the only clubs that started in the Premier League in the 1992 - 93 season, and have never been relegated from the top division.

Name the teams involved in the premiership match which has 9 different scorers on the score sheet?

Tottenham Hotspurs VS Arsenal Nov 2004 Final Score (4-5)

How many trophies do arsenal have?

Arsenal have 13 league titles 10 FA Cup trophies 2 League cup trophies 11 Community shield's plus 1 shared European Fairs cup winners European cup winners cup

Who has more trophies arsenal FC Chelsea FC?

Manchester United. By a distance.MUFC : 58 Trophies including every major honour and 3 European cups.CFC : 21 Trophies including minor ones and no European cups.

Who has won more trophies arsenal or spurs?

tottenham is the best because arsenal are rubbish

Who has biggest fan base arsenal or tottenham?

arsenal.. maybe tottenham in London but in the world definitely arsenal

Who has more trophies arsenal or Liverpool?

Arsenal - 39 Honours Liverpool - 63 Honours Liverpool