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John McEnroe

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Q: Who has won 7 grand slams in tennis?
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What American tennis player won 7 grand slams in the '70s and '80s?

John Patrick McEnroe was the American tennis player who won 7 grand slams in the 1970s and 1980s.

How many grand slams has Venus Williams won?

She has won 16 grand slams: 7 singles, 7 doubles, and 2 Mixed doubles.

Which male Australian tennis players have won six or more Grand Slam titles?

Roy Emerson - 12 Slams Rod Laver - 11 Slams Ken Rosewall - 8 Slams John Newcombe - 7 Slams Jack Crawford - 6 Slams

What man has won the most grand slams in men's tennis?

Rodger Federer won 17 Grand Slam titles - 4 Australian Open; 1 French Open; 7 Wimbledon; 5 U.S. Open.

How many Grand Slams has sampras won?

Sampras has won 14 grand slams Australian Open: 2 French Open: 0 Wimbledon: 7 US Open: 5

How many grand slams does Venus Williams have?

as of the Australian Open 2010, Venus Williams has 20 Grand Slams. 7 Women's Singles Slams, 11 Women's Doubles Slams and 2 Mixed Slams.

How many times has Roger Federer won?

He has won 62 Tournament Singles Titles 7 Tournament Doubles Titles and 16 Grand Slams Titles

How many grand slams did Javier Lopez hit?

He has 7

How many grand slams has Pete Sampras won?

While winning 14 grand slam titles, Pete Sampras has never won all four grand slam events. He has won Wimbledon 7 times, the U.S. Open 5 times, and the Australian Open twice. He has never won the French Open.

How old was Arthur ashe mom when she died?

Arthur Ashe was a professional tennis player who won three Grand Slams. Arthur was born on July 10, 1943. His mother Mattie died from the complications of a toxemic pregnancy in 1950 when Arthur was just 7 years old.

How many Grand Slams did Martina Navratilova win?

She won 18 singles : ... and she won 31 doubles :(3 Australian Open, (8 Australian Open,2 French Open, 7 French Open,9 Wimbledon, 7 Wimbledon,4 US Open). 9 US Open).Total 49 Grand Slam Titles ! !

What major league pitcher hit the most grand slams?

Jimmy Foxx (17 Grand Slams) was not a career long pitcher, but he did pitch 23.2 innings in his career. He's ranked 6th all-time. Dave Kingman (16 Grand Slams) logged 4 innings in his career. Babe Ruth also had 16 Grand Slams. Tony Cloniger was the first and only pitcher to hit two grand slams in one game in 1966. According to Baseball Almanac, the MLB career record for grand slams by a pitcher is 2 and is held by 7 pitchers: Camilo Pascual, Dizzy Trout, Tony Cloninger, Bob Gibson, Denny Neagle, Rick Wise, and Schoolboy Rowe

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