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Ben Rothisburger

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Q: Who has thrown the most touchdown passes in the first quarter?
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Who threw the first touchdown in Super Bowl 44?

The first touchdown thrown in Super Bowl 44 was thrown by Peyton Manning to Pierre Garcon in the first quarter.

Who caught the first touchdown from Brett Favre?

Brett Favre's first touchdown was a 5 yard pass and was thrown to Sterling Sharpe in the fourth quarter of a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on September 20, 1992 see the link below for a complete list of Farves' touchdown passes

What is the highest number of touchdown passes completed by Peyton Manning in one single quarter?

peyton manning have thrown for 2 and 3 td passes in one quarter during his great NFL career in several games. Tom Brady is the first and only QB to throw for 5 td passes in one quarter, which is an NFL record.

What QB has the record for touchdown passes in his first start in the NFL?

Matt Flynn...December 18th vs New England Patriots. 3 Touchdown passes with 13:44 left in the game

Who is the first quarterback to throw 30 touchdown passes?

Johnny Unitas 32 in 1959

Who threw the most touchdown passes in one half?

Daryle Lamonica of the 1969 Oakland Raiders - six touchdown passes in the first half. Did not even play the 2nd half because the Raiders were winning 42-0 at half time. Lamonica could of had 12 touchdown passes if he had played the entire game.

Raven's wide receiver caught the first touchdown in their Super Bowl win?

Brandon StokleyHe caught a 38 yard touchdown reception from QB Trent Dilfer in the first quarter.

Who was the first player to throw 30 touchdown passes in a single season?

In the NFL that was John Unitas of the Baltimore Colts with 32 TD passes in 1959.

If a team scores a touchdown while time expires in the first quarter of a game when do they kick the extra point?

In the first qaurter

Who was the first QB to throw seven touchdown passes in one game?

Sid luckman, November 14, 1943

Who did the First turnover in the 2010 super bowl?

The colts. Manning threw a interception that went for a touchdown in the 4th quarter.

First American football league touchdown pass?

Frank Tripucka of the Denver Broncos has the distinction of having thrown the first touchdown pass in the American Football League's history (to Al Carmichael on Sep. 9, 1960 at Boston).

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