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Matt_Millen">Matt MillenLinebacker Matt Millen was the first player to achieve the feat (Raiders, 49ers, Redskins). Millen has four rings, having won two with the Raiders (one with Oakland, one with L.A.). His Raiders rings do not constitute Super Bowl keepsakes from two different teams, since the Raiders relocation from Oakland to Los Angeles and back again to Oakland all fall under the heading of Raiders franchise history.

Note: Running back Preston Pearson was suggested as the answer, after having appeared in Super Bowls with Baltimore (Super Bowl III), Pittsburgh (IX), and Dallas (X, XII, & XIII). However the Colts lost the Super Bowl III (to the New York Jets, 16 to 7).

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Q: Who has three Super Bowl rings with three different teams?
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Which NFL player has won the most Super Bowl rings by playing on different teams?

Linebacker Matt Milan is the only player to earn Super Bowl rings with three different teams -- the Raiders, the 49ers and the Redskins.

Who has three consecutive Super Bowl rings with two different teams?

Adam viniterai Ken Norton

NFL players two super bowl rings different teams?

Many players have accomplished the feat, among them: Bill Curry, Herb Adderley, Charles Haley, Ken Norton, Jr., Deion Sanders and Bill Romanowski. Matt Millen won Super Bowl rings with three different teams.

Which NFL players have three Super Bowl rings?

Jerry Rice, Tom Brady Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Troy Aikman have three super bowl rings. Many players have three Super Bowl rings. Many players from the Steelers teams of the 70s have three and some (Bradshaw, Greene, Harris, and others) have four. Same goes for the great 49ers teams. Many from the New England Patriots teams of the early and mid 2000s have three rings. Gene Upshaw of the Oakland Raiders has three rings won in three different decades (60s, 70s, and 80s). Matt Millen is the only player to have been on three different Super Bowl winning teams (Raiders, 49ers, Redskins). And, none of these answers include Marv Fleming, the first player to win a third as well as a fourth ring. Fleming was a tight end who played for the Packers in I & II when they won, lost with the Dolphins in VI, and then won back-to-back with the Dolphins in VII and VIII. I believe that he is also the only player thus far to have won at least 2 rings with each of two different teams. Almost certainly the first player to have played in 5 superbowls..

Which NFL player has four Super Bowl rings with four different teams?

No one. Matt Millen is the only player to have been on three Super Bowl championship teams winning two with the Raiders, and one each with San Francisco and Washington.

How many NFL teams have 4 Super Bowl rings?

The Green Bay Packers have four Super Bowl rings. Only three teams have more, the Dallas Cowboys (five), the San Francisco 49ers (five) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (six).

Who has won three Super Bowl rings with three different quarterbacks?

Joe Gibbs

What person has multiple championship rings with three different teams in two different sports?

Bo Jackson

How many Super Bowl rings does Steve Young have?

Steve Young has three Super Bowl Championships and 3 Super Bowl Rings.

What Oklahoman is the only NFL coach to go to three Super Bowls with three different teams?

Jimmy Johnson

What teams have won 3 super bowls with different quarterbacks?

The Washington Redskins, the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants have all won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks.

How many redskin players have three Super Bowl rings?

After checking the rosters for the three Super Bowl winning teams, there are five players: Art Monk - WR, Don Warren - TE, Jeff Bostic - C, Monte Coleman - LB and Joe Jacoby - T.

What active player has the most Super Bowl rings?

As of the start of the 2007 season, that would be kicker Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts. He has been a member of 4 Super Bowl winning teams, three with the Patriots and one with the Colts.

What player has won three NBA championships with three different teams?

Robert Horry ... 2 with the Rockets, 3 with the Lakers, 2 with the Spurs. Along with Horry, John Salley also won 4 rings with 3 different teams, 2 with the Pistons, 1 with Chicago and 1 with Lakers.

How many superbowl rings does Kevin faulk have?

New England Patriots tailback Kevin Faulk has three Super Bowl rings. He has rings from Super Bowl 36, Super Bowl 38 & Super Bowl 39.

What teams does Shaq have championship rings with?

three with the lakers, one with the heat

Who are the three brothers with super bowl rings?


How much Super Bowl rings does teddy bruschi?

three rings one for each son.....

What player has the been on the most winning Super Bowl teams?

Charles Haley was a member of three Cowboy teams and 2 san Fran teams for a total of 5 super bowl winning teams.

Who has won 6 super bowl rings?

The Pittsburgh Steelers as a team have won 6 Super Bowls. Among people, Coach Mike Woicik has the most Super Bowl rings: three with the Dallas Cowboys and three with the New England Patriots.

How many rings do the NE Patriots have?

The New England Patriots have three Super Bowl Championship Rings.

Do the Washington Redskins have more Super Bowl rings than the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. The Pittsburgh Steelers have six Super Bowl rings and the Washington Redskins have three.

Steve young super bowl rings?

Steve Young has three Super Bowl rings. Young was also a 7-time Pro Bowl selection and the MVP of Super Bowl XXIX.

How many players have three Super Bowl rings?


How many Super Bowl rings does Michael Irvin have?

Three .... Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX.