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Currently, Ryan Kennelly holds the highest one rep maxrecord, which is 1,078 lbs.

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Q: Who has the record of the highest bench press?
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Related questions

What is world Olympic record bench press?

Bench press is not an olympic event, therefore there is no olympic record in bench press.

Highest bench press?

The highest bench press MAX is 1565lbs by Hunter Brock

What is the teenage bench press record?

teenage bench press record in 1988 695 pounds as an 18 year old teenage bench press record in 1988 695 pounds as an 18 year old

What was the highest bench press ever recorded?

715lb Raw Bench Press by Scot Mendelson

Which NBA has the highest bench press?

Kevin Durant has the highest with an impressive 575pound press

Who holds the team record for max bench press on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Cassey Hampton holds the team record for max bench press

Max bench press ever?

1050 lbs by Scott Mendleson, this is with the use of a bench shirt which assists with the bench press, the highest RAW bench press is again Scott Mendleson with a bench of 715 lbs.

What was the biggest bench press in history?

The record bench press with a bench shirt is 1,102 pounds. This took place in May of 2013. Without a shirt, the record is 666.9 pounds. This occurred in 2013.

Who holds New York state bench press record?

The lightweight bench press record for new york state is 225 pounds at a weight of 128 pounds.

How much can Marcus ruhl max on bench press?

Markus Ruhl's best bench press record is at 600 lbs.

World record bench press 15 year old?

currently in 2011 Willie holds the world record for bench press as a 15 year old born in Houston tx raised in baytown tx hold the record at 520lbs he is currently the strongest at bench press in the world at his age at 15 years old

Highest bench press by a point guard?


What is the highest bench press ever recorded?

Scot Mendelson Heavist bench press ever recorded - 1008 pounds!

What is Nate newton's bench press record?


How much does sonny bill williams bench press?

He had a Bulldogs Bench Press record of 140 Kg for 3 reps

Which NHL player has the highest bench press?

martin lapoint

What is the world bench press record by a sixty year old?

Well there i no record but i looked for it like crazy and it turns out, the highest ive seen is a sixty year old who can bench 390lbs.And a different guy named Larry Wallen who is also sixty and can deadlift seven hundred and five pounds and he set the world record for that and his age.

Who holds the current world record for bench press?

Eric Spoto currently holds the record in bench pressing. On May 19, 2013 he broke the previous record of 715 lb. by bench pressing 722 lb.

What is the most bench press ever?

On November 8, 2008, Ukrainian-American power lifter Ryan Kennelly set the world record bench press. Kennelly performed the record bench press of 1,075 pounds (489 kilograms) at the Pride Performance Strength Wars in Kennewick Washington. It was his third successful attempt of the day, with each attempt greater than 1,000 pounds. This lift bested his former bench press world record of 1,074 pounds (488 kilograms) at the United Powerlifting Association Bench Bash For Cash in Dubuque, Iowa (July 12, 2008). It was the fifth time in a row that Kennelly had bested the bench press record.

What is the heaviest incline bench press record?

10 kg

What is the raw female bench press record?

2 sandwiches

What is the bench press record for 17 year olds?


What is the highest bench press max ever?

ask christian sanchez

What is the national record on bench press for a seventeen year old who weighs 155?

USAPL American Raw Teen II (16-17) Men Bench Press Only record for under 165lbs lifters is 236.75lbs.

What NFL fullback has the NFL bench press record?

herschel walker