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Clement,of Grinnell (Div 3), has the most three-pointers in NCAA history. Jeff sunk 516 treys in 91 games for a per-game average of 5.67! Those Grinnell boys in the 1990's really shot those rainbows. Clement, Steve Diekmann and Ed Brands must have put on quite a show ! ...of Duke University has now surpassed Curtis Staples as the all-time NCAA leader in number of made 3 point field goals. 412...and counting (he is still active as of Feb 2006) * ...while playing for the U of Virginia. 411 made 3 pointers. * Previous answer was incorrect. Curtis Staples of UVA held the record but was 413 of 1079 shooting 3 pointers, both FG made and ATTEMPTS are NCAA records for 3 point FG. * JEFF CLEMENT is still the ALL-TIME NCAA leader. ** JJ REDICK is the DIVISION-I leader. John Grotberg Grinnell '09 just set a new record with 526 career treys.

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Q: Who has the record for the most 3 point shots in NCAA history?
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