Did Ray Allen beat the record?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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Ray Allen set the NBA Finals RECORD for most consecutive three pointers in a game (7), most consecutive three-pointers in a half (7), and most threes in a single Finals game. (8)

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Q: Did Ray Allen beat the record?
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When did ray Allen brake his record?

Ray Allen broke the 4 pt. record in the 2010 Final Game vs L.A. Lakers

Who owns the NBA 3-point season record?

Ray Allen

Who is better in three pointer Steve Nash or ray Allen?

Ray Allen is way better in threes than Steve Nash cause in the nba finals he broke a record for threes and made a new record

Can somebody break the Ray Allen's record in this NBA final?

No, he's wet.

How many free throws has ray Allen mad in a row?

Ray Allen made 72 consecutive free throws. He currently holds the Celtics franchise record for that feat.

Who holds the Celtics record for most points scored in a playoff game?

Ray allen

Who holds the sec record for most 3 pointers mad in a career?

ray Allen

What is ray allen's full name?

Ray Allen's full name is Walter Ray Allen.

What is ray allen's record for most 3's in a season?

In 2005-06 while with Seattle, Ray Allen made 269 out of 653 3-pointers. The 653 attempts are also a personal best for him.

Who is the all time three point leader in NBA history?

1.Ray allen 2.Reggie miller 3.Larry Bird

Who is better Allen Iverson or Ray Allen?

Ray allen was better

Who holds UCONN men's basketball all time record for percentage of free throws?

Ray Allen