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Q: Who has the most undefeated seasons in NCAA football?
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Which team has the most undefeated football seasons?

Fairmont Firebirds

What college football team had the most undefeated seasons?

Michigan State Spartans

What team holds the record for most consecutive winning seasons in NCAA football and can they be listed?

In Division I football, according to the 2008 NCAA Division I football records manual, the record is 40 and held by Nebraska (1962-2001) and Notre Dame (1889-1932, Notre Dame did not field teams in 1890 and 1891). Click on the 'NCAA Division I Football Records' link below to see the manual. You will need Adobe Reader to be able to view it.

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What team has been undefeated the most in college football?

Not sure if they are the top but university of miami went undefeated many, many go with them

What NCAA conference has the most national championships in football?


What team won the most championships in NCAA football?


What team runs the most on NCAA football 09?


What NCAA football team rushes the most?

Florida Gators

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