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Duke University

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Q: Who has the most road wins in Mens college basketball?
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What is the san antonio Texas basketball team called?

(San Antonio Spurs.)is wrong they are the road runners.they are the college basketball team.they wear orange and blue

What movie was about a college basketball from Texas that started 5 black players and won the ncaa championship?

The film was called "Glory Road".

When was Tobacco Road Basketball League created?

Tobacco Road Basketball League was created on 2011-11-18.

Can you Play basketball on the road?

yes, if you have permission

What is longest college basketball away game losing streak against one team?

The longest Division I Basketball road losing streak against one team now belongs to Clemson, which has lost 49 straight at North Carolina.

What is the duration of College Road Trip?

The duration of College Road Trip is 1.38 hours.

When was College Road Trip created?

College Road Trip was created on 2008-03-07.

Where is the Hills Road College located?

The Hills Road College, or Hills Road Sixth Form College, commonly abbreviated as HRSFC is situated in Hills Road, CB2 8PE Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Who invented mens under ware?

lorenz baricuatro wear underware in the middle of yhe road

What is a good basketball movie?

Glory Road Is a Good One

When was Hills Road Sixth Form College created?

Hills Road Sixth Form College was created in 1974.

When was Long Road Sixth Form College created?

Long Road Sixth Form College was created in 1974.