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Liverpool has the most titles

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Q: Who has the most premiership titles?
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What Football Team Has The Most Premiership Titles?

Manchester United has won the most Premiership titles, with twelve.

Which football player has won most premiership titles?

Ryan Giggs have won 11 Premiership titles with Manchester United.

Which football team has won the most English premiership titles?

Manchester United have won the most premiership titles with 12.United have also won a record 19 English league titles overall.

Who won the 2nd most premiership titles?

Manchester united

Which team has won the most premiership titles?

Manchester United

Which club has won the premiership most?

Manchester United with 10 titles since the Premiership started in the 92/93 season.

Which English football team that is not in the premiership has won the most league titles?


Which team has won the most Australian rugby league premiership titles?

Rabbitohs - 20 Premiers

In 2010-2011 Which team has won the most premiership titles Manchester united or Liverpool?

Manchester United.

What is the list of soccer clubs has won the most number of trophies in the world?

man.utd have the most premiership titles and fa cup titles rangers have the most spl titles closely followed by celtic juvenus have the most italian titles closely followed by the 2 milan teams real madrid have the most spannish titles closely followed by barcelona lyon have the most french titles bayern munich have th most german titles ajax have the most dutch titles and porto have the most poortugeese titles

How many premiership titles has Liverpool won?

None, but they have won 18 Division 1 titles.

How many premiership titles have arsenal won?

3 and counting!!

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