Who has the most outs in the MLB?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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1 Pete Rose 10328

2 Hank Aaron 9136

3 Carl Yastrzemski 9126

4 Cal Ripken 8893

5 Eddie Murray 8570

6 Rickey Henderson 8510

7 Dave Winfield 8422

8 Robin Yount 8415

9 Brooks Robinson 8340

10 Craig Biggio 8272

11 Luis Aparicio 8110

12 Willie Mays 8056

13 Paul Molitor 8040

14 Rabbit Maranville 7887

15 Rafael Palmeiro 7857

16 Lou Brock 7823

17 Ty Cobb 7753

18 Stan Musial 7704

19 George Brett 7673

20 Reggie Jackson 7659

21 Andre Dawson 7621

22 Al Kaline 7594

23 Omar Vizquel 7538

T24 Frank Robinson 7528

T24 Ozzie Smith 7528

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Q: Who has the most outs in the MLB?
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I bet the Chicago WhiteSox

What is the record for most consecutive outs for a pitcher in the mlb the longest perfict streak?

45 consecutive outs by Mark Buehrle in 2009

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i think the Yankees

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Barry Bonds has the most home runs in the MLB.

Which MLB team has the most consecutive sell outs?

The Red Sox took the record in 2008. They have allegedly sold out every game since 2003.

What determines a complete game for a MLB Pitcher?

His team has to record 27 outs while he was the pitcher of record.

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pete rose

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