Who has the most hits in MLB?

Updated: 7/27/2021
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Clemmie Schiller

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pete rose

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Candace Okuneva

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Q: Who has the most hits in MLB?
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Who has the most hits in baseball 2008?

Chipper Jones has the most hits in the mlb in 2008.

What MLB player has the most hits?

pete rose

Who holds the record for most hits in MLB?

Pete Rose - 4,256 Hits

Who has the most MLB carreer hits?

pete rose, 4,256 hits in his career

What current MLB pitcher has the most hits?

It is Ryan Demspter

Most walk off hits in mlb history?


Who has the most hits as an active MLB?

i think that it is derek jeter

Which MLB player has the record for most hits?

pete rose with 4256 hits 1963-1986

Who has the most career hits in mlb history?

Pete Rose with 4,256.

Most hits in MLB in the last 12 years?

Ichiro Suzuki

Which MLB player had the most hits in the 1990's?

Mark Grace

Who has the most mlb hits in a ten year period?

ichiro suzuki