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Wasim Akram has taken 122 wickets in 77 Matches at Sharjah, that's record for most wickets by a bowler on a single venue.

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Q: Who has the most number of wickets on a single venue in ODIs?
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Who claimed the most number of wickets for India in ODIs?

Anil Kumble

Who has taken the most wickets in ODIs?

Mutthayya Murlidharan

Who is the bowler to take highest wickets?

Mutthia murlidharan of srilanka has taken the most wikets in odis and also in test he has taken 800 wikets in test matches and 518 wickets in odis

Who has taken the highest no of wickets in cricket?

Muttiah Muralidharan(In tests and ODIs)

What number of wickets taken by murli in tests?

Muthaiah Muralitharan has a total of 783 wickets in test matches and 512 wickets in ODIs. He is the highest wicket taker in test matches and the highest wicket taker if you sum up the total wickets taken in both forms of the game.

Who was the first cricketer to take 500 wickets?

Courtney Walsh in Tests & Wasim Akram in ODIs.

Who was the first cricketer took 1000 runs 100 wickets and 100 catches in both Tests and ODIs?

Carl hooper

How many wickets has been taken by R. P. Singh?

R. P. Singh has so far taken 40 wickets in Tests, 69 in ODIs and 15 in T-20 Internationals.

When did kapil dev retired?

Kapil Dev retired in 1994. He played his last test match on 19 March 1994 and his last ODI on 17 October 1994. He played a total of 131 tests and 225 ODIs in his career. He scored a total of 5248 runs in tests and 3783 runs in ODIs. He took 434 wickets in tests and 253 wickets in ODIs. He was the leading wicket taker for India in test matches until Anil Kumble surpassed him...

How many bowlers have taken 500 wickets?

There are only a few bowlers who have more than 500 wickets in their tally. they are:Muthaiah MuralitharanShane WarneCourtney WalshAnil KumbleWasim AkramWaquar YounisHere 500 includes a tally of wickets in both Tests and ODIs. Only the top 3 in the list above have more than 500 wickets in test cricket alone.

Who was the first New Zealand blackcap to get 300 wickets?

Richard Hadlee was the first New Zealand bowler to take 300 wickets in Test Matches, and currently the leading test wicket-taker in New Zealand. The other New Zealander to get 300 test wickets was Daniel Vettori. No New Zealand bowler is yet to take 300 wickets in ODIs or T20s.

Which player has taken most wicket in odis?

Muttiah Muralitharan has taken 512 wickets in One Day Internationals, with Wasim Akram in second place with 502.

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