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Q: Who has the most league titles in a row?
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Have Celtic won 10 league titles in a row?

no they have won 9 in a row once

Who is won the most league titles?

Manchester United they won 19 premier league titles.

What is the most sports titles won in a row?

12 the celtics did it

Have Liverpool or man utd ever won 4 league titles in a row?

Yes it could be Liverpool.

Who hold's the record for the most league titles?

In England the most titles is now held by Manchester United with 19 titles

Who has won most titles in England?

Liverpool have won 18 league titles!

How many titles in all does man united have won?

19 Premier League Titles. 3 Champions League Titles. Chelsea is better.

Which club has the most league titles?

East Bengal

Who won the most league titles in Ghana?


What team has the most Major League Baseball titles?

The New York Yankees have 27 titles the most in mlb history

Who has won the most league titles worldwide?

Rangers F.C.

who has won most champion league titles?

real Madrid