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The New York Yankees have 27 titles the most in mlb history

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Q: What team has the most Major League Baseball titles?
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Which Major League Baseball team won the most consecutive Major League Baseball titles?

The Yankees won 5 world series from a span of 1949 to 1953.

What major league baseball team has the most division titles of all time?

Yankees - 17

Which team has won the most national league titles in major league baseball?

Through the 2011 season, the Dodgers and Giants are tied for most NL pennants with 21.

Who has the record for the most career innings in Major League Baseball?

major league baseball for the most career innings?

What is the ten most common names in Major League Baseball?

what is the ten most common names in major league baseball

What Major League Baseball player has won the most home run derbies?

Ken Griffey Jr. with 3 titles, 1994, 98, & 99

What Major League Baseball player made the most money in Major League Baseball history?

Alex Rodriguez

What is the most famous baseball movie?

Major League

How long has baseball been invented?

Major league baseball was founded in 1869 and the most titles are held by the New York Yankees. The colleges used to play baseball but it was not official and the rules have been changed since then.

What major league baseball team won the most world series titles in the 1930s?

New York Yankees with 5 (1932, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939).

List the teams with most English league titles?

Liverpool have 18 league titles Manchester United have 19 league titles. Arsenal have 13 titles Chelsea have 4 titles

Which team has won the most UEFA Champions League titles?

Real Madrid have won the most Champion league titles a total of 9 times.Real Madrid is the team that has won the most Championship League titles with 9 titles.

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