Who has the most hrs since 2001?

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Q: Who has the most hrs since 2001?
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Who has the most home runs in a season?

Barry Bonds with 73 HRs in 2001.

How many career home runs did Luis Gonzalez have?

354 in the regular season and 4 in the postseason.His best season was 2001 with the Arizona Diamondbacks when he hit 57 HRs. He also hit 3 HRs in the 2001 postseason.

Most home runs before all-star game?

BaRoid Bonds - 39 HRs before the break in 2001; the same year that he hit 73 homers

How many hrs will it take to cater a wedding for 200 people?

most probably 5-6 hrs

Who has the most NCAA Basketball Championships since 1990?

Duke has won 4 Championships since 1990. 1991, 1992, 2001 and 2010.

What time is 6EST in pacific time?

3 since they are 3 hrs ahead.

How long does it take to change a water pump on a 2001 Tahoe?

2 hrs. If you know what you are doing.

What book is the most popular ever?

The Qur'an. It has sold over 87 billion copies since 2001.

What NCAA Division 1A football team has the most wins since 2001?

University of southern California

Who hit the most home runs in 2001?

In the American League, A-Rod led that league with 52 HRs. In the NL and the ML's Barry Bonds led the way with 72 home runs.

How many consecutive seasons does Alex Rodriguez have with 30 or more home runs and 100 RBI?

Through the 2008 season, 11 seasons: 1998: 42 HRs, 124 RBIs 1999: 42 HRs, 111 RBIs 2000: 41 HRs, 132 RBIs 2001: 52 HRs, 135 RBIs 2002: 57 HRs, 142 RBIs 2003: 47 HRs, 118 RBIs 2004: 36 HRs, 106 RBIs 2005: 48 HRs, 130 RBIs 2006: 35 HRs, 121 RBIs 2007: 54 HRs, 156 RBIs 2008: 35 HRs, 103 RBIs

What state gets the most sunshine per year?

Arizona (Yuma) achieves the world record for most recorded annual average sunshine (4174 hrs avg-4300 hrs was the record for sunny hours a year) Mass (Boston) 2638 hrs yr Maryland (Balto) 2583 hrs yr Florida (Miami) 3154 hrs yr

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