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In MLB, Rickey Henderson with 297.

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Q: Who has the most homer hit batting righty and threw lefty?
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Was Whitey Ford righty or lefty?

Whitey threw lefty and batted lefty.

Was Babe Ruth lefty or righty?

Babe Ruth batted and threw left-handed.

Was Hank Aaron a righty or a lefty?

Hank Aaron batted and threw right-handed.

Has there ever been a left handed third baseman in MLB?

Wade Boggs batted lefty but threw righty

Was Lou Gehrig righty or lefty?

Lou Gehrig threw left handed, and Batted from the Left side of the plate.

Who was the last baseball position player that threw left handed and batted as a right hander?

In the 2011 MLB season, OF Cody Ross of the Giants and OF Ryan Ludwick of the Pirates threw lefty and batted righty.

Did ricky Henderson bat lefty?

No, Henderson threw left handed but batted right handed.

Was Yogi Berra a lefty?

Yes, Berra batted left-handed and threw right-handed.

What was lefty Gomezs favorite food?

Escargot. Gomez was absolutely in love with it. Threw a party and had it as the main course one day.

How fast did Vida Blue pitch?

Early in his career, he threw fastballs in the upper 90s. He was definitely the hardest throwing lefty in the game in the 70s.

Did Babe Ruth bat lefty?

Ruth batted and threw lefty throughout his career. He was an excellent left-handed starting pitcher during his early career with the Boston Red Sox before becoming the game's leading slugger with the New York Yankees.

Who is Lefty Grimm?

This could be a vague reference to Charles Grimm, known as "Jolly Cholly," who played for the Cubs from 1925-1936. Grimm was a southpaw who batted and threw left handed. A game bat came up for auction recently (2009) that comes from the time Grimm played for the Cubs, attributed to "Charles Lefty Grimm," that appears to have sold for $500.

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