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Both clubs are definetley in the top 5 most supported clubs in britain, With the old firm unforchantly has a religious aspect to it, and Scotland is a mainly preotestant country Rangers have the biggest support also rangers have a big following from over in ulster with 50 buses running reguarly to the games. Celtic on the other hand have a big support in Ireland and big in scotland too, as ave said rangers probably do have a bigger support but celtic are known more worldwide.

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Q: Who has the most fans Rangers F.C. or Celtic F.C.?
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What football team in Scotland has most fans?

Celtic Fc has the most fans followed by Rangers FC! mon the hoops:D

Who is king Celtic fc or rangers fc?

Rangers fc they have won more cups and Celtic fans are more aggresive than rangers I figured I dont support any football team but Rangers are better.

Are jedward Celtic fc fans?

Yes Jedward are Celtic FC and Newcastle FC fans

How many times has rangers fc beat Celtic fc?

The answer is Rangers P420 W162 D99 L159 Celtic P420 W159 D99 L162

What football team has won the most titles?

The answer is...... Rangers FC get it round yi Celtic

Who is the main rival of Celtic FC?

Glasgow rangers are the main rivals of Glasgow Celtic

Where does glassgow Celtic fc rank in sales of merchandise?

behind rangers

Are Rangers FC worldwide?

Glasgow Rangers are based in Scotland, but have fans in many countries.

Who is the oldest football club rangers or Celtic?

Glasgow Rangers are an older club formed in 1873 15 years before Celtic FC in 1888

What is a better old firm rangers fc v Celtic fc or hibs v hearts?

easy old firm rangers most successful team of all time & Celtic Scotland's 2cnd most successful team whens the last time a team outside the old firm won the league

How many games have rangers fc beat Celtic fc?

Rangers and Celtic have played each other a total of 393 times since 1888 in domestic competitions. Rangers currently lead the way with 156 victories against their rivals compared to Celtic's 143. They have drawn 94 Old Firm games.

How would teams like Celtic or Rangers FC fare in the EPL?

Middle of the pack.

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