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Tim Duncan

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Q: Who has the most double doubles in ncaa career?
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Who was basketball coach has the most NCAA career losses?


What player holds the Kansas State women's record for most career points in the NCAA Tournament?

Kendra Wecker had 159 NCAA Tournament career points

Who holds the NCAA record for most touchdowns in a career?

Colt Brennan

Most receptions in NCAA career?

Taylor Stubblefield Purdue '04

Who leads the ncaa men's basketball in double doubles?

Michael Beasley of Kansas State

What NCAA coach has the record for the most technical fouls in a career?

bob knight

Most free throw taken in a NCAA career?

Jason Phillis 867

Who holds the ncaa record for most blocked shots in a career?

Jarvis Varnado

Which men's basketball coach has the most NCAA career wins?

Mike Krzyzewski

Who holds the record for the most overall career yardage by a ncaa quarterback?

The answer is Timmy Chang from Hawaii with 16,910 yards in a career.

Which baseball coach has the most ncaa career wins?

Gordie Gillespie 1,783 victories.

Who scored the Most points in NCAA career?

NCAA 1A All-Time leader, 1937-2006, for most career points is.... Travis Prentice, Miami OH 1996-99, 78 TDs (also the record) and 468 points.

Which indivoual player in his career scored the most points in ncaa basketball history?

pete maravich

Who has the most triple doubles in NCAA division1 mens basketball?

Draymond Green seven

Which NCAA basketball player has scored the most points?

The NCAA website says that the most career points record in NCAA basketball belongs to Travis Grant, Kentucky State (Div II) who last played in 1972. His career total is listed as 4,045 points. The site says that Pete Maravich, LSU, holds the career point record in Division I play, with 3,667 points.

Who holds the most career points in NCAA men's Division One basketball tournament?

Christian Laettner

Who holds the NCAA Record for most punt returns in a career?

im pretty sure its devin Hester

Who is the NCAA division 1A career receiving touchdowns leader?

Most Receiving Touchdowns (Career) - 60 - Jarett Dillard, Rice, 2005-2008

Who is NCAA division 1a career total touchdown leader?

Curtis Theodor Black has the most touchdowns in NCAA histroy... I watched it 76 in one season i watched it

Which NCAA football player has the most career wins?

Colt McCoy - QB, Texas Longhorns - 2007-2010

Who is the NCAA career touchdown leader?

marshall faulk

Who holds the record for most three pointers made to start a career in men's NCAA basketball?

Reggi miller with about 2,500

Who holds the career rushing record in the NCAA?

Barry Sanders

Who is the 3 point NCAA career leader?

J.j. Redick

What player holds the kansas state women's record for the most career points in the NCAA tournament?

Kendra Wecker, 159 points