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Ron Hornaday Jr. leads all drivers with 47Nascar Truck Series wins.

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Q: Who has the most all time Nascar Truck Series wins?
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Are there any female NASCAR drivers?

Yes. In 2012, Danica Patrick will drive full-time in the Nascar Nationwide Series and part-time in the Cup Series. Also, Jennifer Jo Cobb drives full-time in the Nascar Camping World Truck Series and part-time in the Nationwide Series.

What number is Kyle Busch in the Truck Series?

Currently, Kyle Busch drives the #51 part-time in the Nascar Camping World Truck Series.

Who has the second most wins all-time in the Nascar Cup Series?

David Pearson has the second most wins all-time in the Nascar Cup Series with 105.

How do you become a driver of the craftsman truck series?

There's no easy answer for this. Most of the time, you need to get noticed by team owners. You usually do so in lower-tiered NASCAR series, or local circuits.

In Nascar racing when did they start racing trucks?

The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series began as the SuperTruck Series in 1995, then was renamed the Craftsman Truck Series in 1996, Mike Skinner won the 1st Championship, he has 24 wins in the series, and Ron Hornaday, the 2007 Craftsman Truck series Champion and 3 time title winner leads with most wins-33. Mike Skinner also won the 1st Truck race held at Phoenix Int'l Raceway, the Copper Classic.

Who has the most wins as a NASCAR owner?

Rick Hendrick who owns Hendrick Motorsports. Richard Petty has the most wins as an owner with 268, followed by Hendrick. Petty has the most CUP wins. Roush has the most combined NASCAR wins in the 3 national series, 4th all time in Cup wins with 127 but with 126 Nationwide series wins and 50 Truck series wins for a total of 303 total NASCAR wins.

Who is Kyle Busch?

He is an awesome young gun NASCAR race driver. Kyle Busch drives full time in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series. He also drives a partial schedule in the Nationwide and Truck Series.

Who has the most NASCAR wins?

Richard Petty has 200 wins.Actually it depends on what you mean by NASCAR. If you mean in the top series (Winston Cup, Nextel Cup, and now Sprint Cup) then Richard Petty has the most with 200 wins. If you mean out of all the divisions in and outside of NASCAR then the person with the most wins is Dick Trickle. Richie Evans may be the all-time winningest NASCAR driver in all classes, though most of his wins were in modifieds.The all-time winningest driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is Richard Petty, but Jeff Gordon is the winningest currentdriver in that series. Kyle Busch is the winningest driver in the Nationwide Series (also a current driver). Ron Hornaday is the winningest driver in the Nascar Truck Series (also a current driver).

Which driver has the most Cup Series wins in Nascar?

Richard Petty has the most Nascar Cup Series wins all-time, with 200. Jeff Gordon is the active leader, with 85.

What time did the Nascar Camping World Truck Series race start in Nashville on April 22 2011?

On April 22, 2011, the Truck Series race in Nashville started at 8:00PM EST.

When did Paul Menard start racing in NASCAR?

Paul Menard's first Nascar Cup Series race was on August 10, 2003. During that season he also competed in six Nationwide Series races and five Truck Series races.In 2007, Menard began competing full-time in the Nascar Cup Series.

Can you be 14 years old to race in NASCAR?

No. You can only race go-karts and legends cars at 14.An age requirement was set back in 2002 that you have to be at least 18 years old in order to compete in the Busch Series (now known as the Nationwide Series), the Craftsman Truck Series (now known as the Camping World Truck Series) and all other Nascar Touring Series. At the time, this matched the existing standard for the Nascar Cup Series.

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