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There's no easy answer for this. Most of the time, you need to get noticed by team owners. You usually do so in lower-tiered NASCAR series, or local circuits.

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Q: How do you become a driver of the craftsman truck series?
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Which craftsman truck series driver placed first for the 2002 season?

Mike Bliss was the 2002 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion. The Craftsman Truck Series is the former name of the Camping World Truck Series. ChaCha on!

Who was the first driver to claim championships in both the Nascar Nationwide Series and the Nascar Camping World Truck Series?

Greg Biffle was the first driver to claim both championships. He won the 2000 Nascar Craftsman Truck Series and the 2002 Nascar Busch Series. The series sponsorship names have now changed.

What do you need to become a truck driver?

A truck

Did Jeff Gordon ever race in the Nascar Truck Series?

No. Jeff Gordon has never raced in the Nascar Craftsman or Camping World Truck Series.

In Nascar racing when did they start racing trucks?

The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series began as the SuperTruck Series in 1995, then was renamed the Craftsman Truck Series in 1996, Mike Skinner won the 1st Championship, he has 24 wins in the series, and Ron Hornaday, the 2007 Craftsman Truck series Champion and 3 time title winner leads with most wins-33. Mike Skinner also won the 1st Truck race held at Phoenix Int'l Raceway, the Copper Classic.

Where can I learn to become a truck driver?

Training to become a truck driver can be made possible by perusing certain websites: There is information about licensing and passing tests to become a successful driver.

Which driver in the Nascar Truck Series has the number 30?

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Todd Bodine

Who is Jay Stewart 33 Craftsman Truck Series?

Jay is from Lubbock Texas and tried the truck series. He now races dirt cars and is starting his own line of modifieds.

How do you become a fire truck driver in city driver?

Go and drive and get there

How many Nascar races has Mark Martin won?

Cup Series - 40 winsNationwide Series (formerly known as the Busch Series) - 49 winsCamping World Truck Series (formerly known as the Craftsman Truck Series) - 7 wins

How do you become a monster truck driver?

in order to become a monster truck driver, you have to have prior experience in mechanics, and must be 18, with a clean driving record. From a professional Monster Truck Driver on the thunder nationals circuit

How do you become a truck driver in Canada?

The only way to become a truck driver in Canada is by getting the relevant license. You would need to have maintained a clean driving record before so that you can get a job as a truck driver.

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