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Q: Who has the most Championships USC or LSU?
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Who has won the BCS National Championships for the last 9 years?

2001-USC, 2002-ohio state, 2003-LSU, 2004-USC, 2005-TEXAS, 2006-Florida, 2007-LSU, 2008-Florida, 2009-Alabama

Most NCAA football championships?


How many BCS lsu championships?

LSU has won 2 bsc national championships

Most college football national championships?


What NCAA team has won the most national championships in the last 10 years?

In the last ten years, 3 teams have each won 2 national championships. They are USC in 2003 and 2004, Florida in 2008 and 2005, and LSU in 2003 and 2007. in 2003 USC was ranked in the AP poll while Florida was #1 in the BCS

What school has won the most division 1 championships?


What team won the most BCS championships in the last 10 years?


Who has won the most NCAA championships?

UCLA has 108 and USC has 99.

What football team has won the most bcs champions?

Florida and LSU have the most BCS Championships

What is the all-time series record between USC and LSU?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the 2007 season USC and LSU have met twice and each has won a game. In 1979, USC won 17-12 and in 1984, LSU won 23-3.

How many national championships has lsu won?

LSU has won 4 national championships, 1908,1958,2003, and 2007. They were the first college to win 2 BCS National Championships.

Who has the most National BCS bowl wins?

The USC Trojans (University of Southern California) have the most bowl wins with 6. The Florida Gators (University of Florida) and the LSU Tigers (Louisiana State University) have the most BCS Championships with 2 each.

How many BCS Championships have LSU won?

2 bcs championships

How many times has usc played lsu?


What baseball team has won the most NCAA championships ever?

USC Trojans with 12.

College with the most NCAA national champinships?

USC with over 100 NCAA championships

Who has won the most BCS national championships?

LSU and Florida have 2 BCS National Championships, but Alabama has 3 BCS National Championships. (BCS era started in 1998) Alabama also has the most all time National Championships with 15.

Which five NCAA teams have the most active players in the NFL how many?


Which SEC school has the most national championships in all sports?

LSU Men and Women have a combined 64 national championships as of spring 2007. That is, by far, the most by an SEC school.

How many football championships has LSU won?

LSU has won 3 national championships: 1958, 2003, and 2007 2. 1958 and 2003 (but soon to be 3).

Who has the most national championships between USC and Florida State?

USC - BIG TIME thas not even a close one. USC has won at least 6 or so. FSU only has 2.

What is LSU's record against Southern California in football?

As of the start of the 2007 season, LSU and USC have played twice and the series is at 1-1. USC won in Baton Rouge, 17-12, in 1979 and LSU won in Los Angeles, 23-3, in 1984.

What ncaa school has most championships in a sport?

26 USC Trojans Mens Track and Field

Usc football championships?

USC has claimed 11 national titles and is in 3rd place.

What NCAA school has the most Div 1 national championships in one sport?

USC Trojans have 26 National Championships in Mens Track and Field.

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