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kyrie irving

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Q: Who has the most 3 pointers in a division 1 collage basketball game?
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How much does it cost to get into a division 2 collage basketball game?

you spelled college wrong dickweed

Which division 1college basketball player has made the most three pointers in a game?

In 1990, Loyola-Marymount's Jeff Fryer hit 11 Thee-Point shots in a game against Michigan.

Most points in a college basketball game team?

The most points in a collage basketball game is 3 points....!

How many quarters are in a collage basketball game?

There re no quarters in a NCAA college basketball game There is 2, 20 minute halves.

Which Georgetown basketball player made the most three pointers in a game?

John Wallace

Who made the most 3 pointers in a basketball game without missing?

Michael Jordan

Who won the NCAA boys collage basketball game?

South Dakota State

What is the average number of three pointers made in one college basketball game?

about 8 ghk09;)

What college basketball player has made the most three pointers in a row in a game?

j.j. reddick

When will ncaa basketball have another video game?

No there done making collage basketball games ncaa 08 is the last one

How long is a collage basketball game?

The length of a college basketball game chances based on time outs and possessions. A college basketball game can last a few extra hours if it continually goes into over time.

What is the secret to always making 3 pointers in a basketball game?

follow throught yo shots man