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Q: Who has the longest run in buccaneers history?
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What is the longest run on sentence in history?

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What are Steve mcnairs longest rushes?

Steve McNair's longest run from scrimmage was a 71 yard run for a TD against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 8, 1998. His second longest run was 47 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 21, 1997 and third longest was 40 yards, also for a TD, against the Baltimore Ravens on October 11, 1998.

Who had the longest run in Super Bowl history?

Timmy Smith--Redskins

Who had longest run from scrimmage in super bowl history?

terry fox

Longest td run in super bowl?

Longest TD run in Superbowl history was an interception by James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he ran the whole field

What did Marcus Allen do to become famous?

Longest run in Super Bowl History

Who has the longest run in Michigan football history?

Tony Boles,.......90 yards

Who hit the longest home run in coors field history?

Bj upton 757

Who hit the longest home run in college baseball history?

it would be robert ram

What steeler had the longest defensive touchdown run in super bowl history?

James harrison

Who had the longest run 91 in Badger history against Western Michigan in 1963?

Tom Brigham

What Oakland Athletic hit the longest home run in Comiskey Park history?

Eric chavez