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Q: What steeler had the longest defensive touchdown run in super bowl history?
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What was the longest touchdown scored by a Pittsburgh Steeler?

The longest touchdown in Steelers history was a pass caught by Mark Malone which covered 90 yards. It was thrown by Terry Bradshaw against the Seattle Seahawks on November 8, 1981.

In 1977 which steeler intercepted a pass for a touchdown and threw for a touchdown in the same game?

Tony Dungy

What Steeler rushed for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXX?

Bam Morris

What Steeler rushed for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXX 30?

Bam Morris

Who kicked the longest field goal in steeler Super Bowl history?

Norm Johnson ... 46 yards in Super Bowl XXX.

What year holds the record for the longest play in super bowl history?

105 yd interception return by Pittsburg Steeler Hampton

Who were the players on the Pittsburgh Steelers 'Steel Curtain'?

The front four of the Steeler's Steel Curtain were: * "Mean" Joe Greene - defensive tackle * L.C. Greenwood - defensive end * Ernie Holmes - defensive tackle * Dwight White - defensive end Use the link below to surf over to the Wikipedia article on this slice of football history.

Which Pittsburgh Steeler recovered the most fumbles?

Ernie Stautner has recovered the most fumbles by a Steelers defensive player with 23.

Who had the highest Quarterback Rating as a Rookie in steeler's history?

Ben Roethlisberger.

Which former Pittsburgh Steeler has the record for the longest punt return against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

"Bullet" Bill Dudley

What is the longest quarterback rush in nfl?

Terrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders, October 27, 2013 against the Pittsburg Steeler in a planned deception play.

Is Justin bieber a green bay fan or a steeler fan?

Steeler fan

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