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The NFL does not keep official records for the Combine. However, the unofficial record for the vertical leap was set by Gerald Sensabaugh, who leapt 46 inches on the vertical jump in 2005.

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Q: Who has the highest vertical in the NFL combine?
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Highest vertical leap at NFL combine?

highest verticle at nfl combine gerald sensabaugh of the dallas cowboys 46" at combine was a record..

What is the highest vertical jump in NFL combine history?

The best vertical leap scores in the NFL combine history (since 1999) is 46.0 inches. That leap was done by Gerald Senasbaugh from North Carolina. The next jump is 45.5 inches by Cameron Wake for Penn State.

What is johnny flynn's vertical?

Jonny flynn's vertical is 40in. He had the highest amungst all the point gaurds in the 09 combine

What is the vertical leap of Larry Fitzgerald?

Larry Fitzgerald jumped a 42 inch vertical in the NFL Draft Combine.

What is jerome simpson's vertical?

41 1/2" as per the NFL Combine.

What wide receiver in the NFL has the highest vertical?

In comparison to his height, I would say Dez Bryant, but the highest vertical physically would be by either Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson.

What is the highest vertical jump plus arm reach?

The record for the highest standing vertical jump is held by Gerald Sensabaugh. His jump was 46 inches at the NFL Combine. The longest recorded armspan is held by basketball player, Manute Bol, with a span of 8 feet 6 inches. He has a reach of 10 feet 5 inches.

Who holds the record for the highest vertical leap in football?

Randy Moss. has a 52 inch verticle which is the highest ever in the NFL

What is the NFL combine record for the vertical jump?

46" - Gerald Sensabaugh, (FS), North Carolina - 2005 FROM nfl-draft-results.htm

What is the NFL combine?

The NFL combine is where NFL hopefuls run, lift, and do position specific drills in front of NFL scouts.

What is the NFL scouting combine?

The NFL combine is where NFL hopefuls run, lift, and do position specific drills in front of NFL scouts.

How do you measure your vertical leap?

Normally, only pro atheltes measure this. Watch the NFL Combine, on right now, they use a pole with metal pegs on it.

When does the NFL Combine start?

The 2011 NFL Combine will be held February 23-March 1.

Who has the highest vertical in the NBA?

The highest vertical jump ever was Michael Jordan. Known as MJ.

What was champ bailey's 40 yard dash time at the NFL combine?

4.28 official time at NFL combine.

How do i get to the NFL combine?

You have to be invited.

What website lists the nfl combine event records?

How fast does Jerry Rice run his 40?

i think it was a 4.5 at the nfl combine but i am not sure. i think it was a 4.5 at the nfl combine but i am not sure.

Fastest NFL combine speed?

The fastest speed at the NFL combine was Chris Johnson when he ran a 4.24 in the forty yard dash

Where can you find past NFL combine results?

The best place to find past NFL combine results is

Do you have to attend the combine to be drafted by the NFL?


Do all people that make the NFL combine make it to the NFL?

No, the NFL Combine is a "tryout" for the NFL. It helps to determine draft value and doesn't guarantee getting drafted or even picked up as a free agent after the draft.

What NFL quarterback has the NFL combine bench press record?

Brady Quinn

Who had the highest NFL salary in 2004?

Jevon Kearse had the highest paid NFL salary in 2004

Do you have to attend the NFL combine before entering the NFL draft?

If you're physically able to, they will ask you to. If you turn them down, most NFL teams will take that as a sign of disrespect to the NFL. Many players do not attend the NFL combine. Players are invited to participate, but many players choose not to attend. It is helpful, but not necessary to improve you draft status. It is not considered disrespectful to the NFL to not attend the combine.