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Christiano Ronaldo holds the record for the highest transfer record , he was transfered from Manchester United to Real Madrid for a record sum of 80 million pounds.

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Q: Who has the highest transfer fees?
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What are some of the highest amounts of transfer fees that have been paid by football teams?

There are very high amounts paid in transfer fees to players switching between American football teams. Some of the highest fees have been as high as millions of dollars or as low as thousands.

What kind of fees are generally applied to a bank transfer?

There are fees that are generally applied to a bank transfer. For example, when money is wired from one bank to another, the banks involved charge fees. Right now, TD has increased the fees for wire transfer from $10 to $17.

What is a COT fee?

Cost of Transfer fees

What is beckham transfer fees to LAGalaxy?

his transfer fee is 33.6 million!

Does scot trade have transfer fees?

Scot trade does not have transfer fees if you originally signed up for the most expensive account. They will have no extra fees, though depending on your particular plan you may have to pay some.

Who is the most expensive English football player when you add up his total transfer fees?

Nicolas Anelka - Total transfer fees 85.3 million

Where can I find a online checking account where you can transfer funds to a international bank account without the large amount of fees?

The best thing to do is to go into the bank and talk to them. It will be easier and sometimes they will waive the fees or most of the fees to transfer the money.

Which football player has the most transfer fees?


What fees would Western Union charge for a money transfer?

Western Union banking has a fee for money transfer. There is one for every transfer. The card holder that is provided with Western Union or the bank through which you request can also ask for additional fees.

What are balance transfer rates normally used for?

Balance transfer fees are charged on credit cards for sending money from one credit card to another. These fees have a big impact on how much you can save.

Which of the following is not a credit card perk?

balance transfer (apex)

Why is fitness first membership available on eBay?

Because you can transfer your membership, which benefits both parties. The seller gets out of their contract and the buyer avoids the joining fees, and gets a shorter contract. (There is a fee for transfer but it's less than the joining fees and the exit fees.)

What state has the highest vehicle registration fees?


Is a Private Transfer Tax the same as a Private Transfer Fee?

Realtors incorrectly refer to Private Transfer Fees as Private Transfer Taxes. In essence, they are the same, but the correct terminology is a Private Transfer Fee.

What are the advantages of a credit card free balance transfer?

There are many advantages to a credit card free balance transfer. With this option, one has the ability to save tons of interest with no fees or sometimes very little fees.

Why do people call capital recovery fees a private transfer tax when it is not a tax?

There are entities that oppose capital recovery fees, probably because they do not understand what they are. Hence, they call them "private transfer taxes", when it is nothing of the sort.

How to avoid multiple balance transfer fees?

They only way to avoid multiple balance transfer fees is by not transferring balances. That fee is a set in the banks Terms of Service agreement and will always be charged if you transfer balance. Read your credit cards terms of service before signing anything.

What is the highest paid transfer fee paid for an English player?

The highest transfer fee for a English footballer is 35 million pounds for Andy Carrol.

What player is the most expensive in combined transfer fees?

Nicolas Anelka

Which us state has the highest average green fees?


Are there any credit cards which have no balance transfer fees?

There are plenty of credit cards that offer no balance transfer fees. Some common examples are the City Simplicity Card, Discover It, and the Capital One Platinum Prestige Credit Card.

What does a title transfer cost in Pennsylvania?

22.50 then what ever the notary fees are plus the taxes for the vehicle if there is no reason for tax exemption. Lien fees and registration card fees may also apply.

What is the highest paid transfer fee in football?

the highest transfer fee was Cristiano ronaldo from man united to real Madrid for £80 million pounds in 2009

Rhinoplasty prices have three separate fees in them what are they?

The cost of a rhinoplasty procedure includes the surgeons fees, the anaesthesia fee and the facilities fees. The highest fee is usually the Plastic surgeons fee.

When would one be charged a balance transfer fee?

Rules regarding balance transfer fees vary by bank and individual bank account. To understand if one should be charged a balance transfer fee, the individual should consult their banking institution or credit card lender to review their individual regulations on these fees.