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Q: Who has the distinction of maximum Olympic hockey gold medals?
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Who won the most olympic medals for India?

Their Olympic Field Hockey Team.

How many gold medals Netherlands won in Olympic field hockey?

The Netherlands won 4 gold medals in the Olympic Games.

What country has won the most olympic medals in ice hockey?

Canada has 13 total medals including 7 gold medals

How many medals has Cananda won in Olympic ice hockey?

Nine (9).

How many Olympic gold medals has England won in ice hockey?

England is not an independent country.

How many gold medals has Russia won in Olympic Hockey?

7 gold medals. 1956, 1964, 1968,1972, 1976, 1984, 1988.

How many silver medals have the women's hockey won at the Olympic games?

None. Only two bronze

Who won the maximum number of gold medals since the inception of the olympic games?


How many medals have Australia won in ice hockey?

None. Australia has competed in Olympic ice hockey only once, that being at the 1960 Games.

Who won the Gold Medal of Field Hockey in 1928 Olympic?

Pakistan won gold medals in 1960, 1968 and 1984.

Which has won maximum country number of olympic gold medals in men's hocky?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, that is India with 8 gold medals in men's hockey. Great Britain, Germany, and Pakistan have each won 3 gold medals, Netherlands has won 2 gold medals, and Australia and New Zealand have won 1 gold medal.

What is the name of the goalkeeper of Indian hockey team won gold medals in 1956and1964 olympic games?

Shankar Laxman