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Brad Friedel.

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Q: Who has the consecutive games played record in the EPL?
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Which team in the epl has the most number of consecutive wins?

Machester United is the team in the English Premier League with the most number of consecutive wins.

How many premier league clubs has Andy cole played for?

This is a tricky question, because some of the clubs he played for were once in the premier league, but since then have been relegated to lower divisions. I will give you the list of clubs that Andy Cole has played for and then tell you if he played for them during their time in the premier league (BOLD = in EPL)ArsenalFulham (on loan-not in EPL at the time)Newcastle (there during the club's debut to EPL)Manchester UnitedBlackburn Rovers (In EPL at the time)Fulham (permanent move- Club was in the EPL)Manchester CityPortsmouth (in EPL at the time)Birmingham City (in EPL at the time)Burnley (loan-not in EPL)Nottingham Forest (not in EPL)Sunderland (not in EPL at the time)This makes a total of 8 premier league clubs that Andy Cole has played for.

What is a Epl?

An EPL is an abbreviation of the English Premier League which is a football competition, played in England each year.

Who has EPL the record for most free kick goals in a season?

Emile Heskey

Who played epl spl la liga and serie a?


Was James hayter in the epl?

no he played in the football league championship

How many games in a epl season by 1 team?

Each team gets 38 games.

What is the EPL record for most goals in a game?

11 - Portsmouth beat Reading 7-4 in 2007.

What are the essential points presenting EPL?

presenting of epl

Which EPL player holds the record for most yellow cards?

Lee Bowyer, 98 yellow cards as of January 2011.

Where does Arsenal Football Club play their home games in the EPL?

they play in emirates which is located in London

When was EPL - journal - created?

EPL - journal - was created in 1986.

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