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The University of Notre Dame has the highest winning percentage during that time. They have had 875 wins, 305 losses and 42 ties.

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Q: Who has the best winning percentage in college football since 1958?
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Which college football team has the highest winning percentage since 2000?

Boise State

Division 1 college football coach with the highest winning percentage since 2000?

mack brown

Who has the most college football victories since 1941?

In addition to the most wins, 560, Oklahoma also has the best winning percentage, at .74835.

What coloege has the highest winning percentage in football since World War 2?


What is Pete Carroll's college football winning percentage?

Pete Carroll's only college head coaching job has been at the University of Southern California, where he has been head coach since the 2001 season. As of the start of the 2007 season, Carroll's regular season record is 65-12 for a winning percentage of .844. USC is 4-2 in bowl games under Carroll.

What baseball team has the worst winning percentage since 2000?

As of 2013, the baseball team with the worst winning percentage since 2000 is the Baltimore Orioles, with a 0.431 winning percentage.

What is the worst football season UGA has ever had?

As far as winning percentage goes, the Bulldogs went 1-5 in 1904 and 1905 for a winning percentage of .167. Since they have been playing a regular season of 10 or more games, it is a .273 winning percentage (3-8) in 1953.

Which NFL team has the best home winning percentage?

According to today's Baltimore Sun, "The Steelers have the best home winning percentage (.722) in the NFL since 1970.",0,734965.htmlstory Must be a steelers fan since he doesn't include the year 66,67,68,69 in which the Steelers were terrible. Include those numbers and the steelers do not have the best home winning percentage. Since 1966 the Kansas City Chiefs have the best winning percentage followed by the Packers.

What nfl team has the best winning percentage since 2011?

The New England Patriots have the best win percent since 2011, with a 3 season average winning percentage of .771.

Which ncaa football team has the best win percentage since 2000?

Boise State has the best with a record of 112-17 for an .868 winning percentage. After that is Texas (110-19) and Oklahoma (110-24).

What college football team has the most wins since 2000?

AnswerDepends on what you looking for, since the FCS and FBS play a different amount of games per year you should be asking what college football team has the highest winning percentage?Answer would be Boise State 0.873 (124-18)If you just want the highest number of wins then that would be the Montana Grizzlies with a percentage of 0.828 (126-26)Number of wins and losses are being pulled from the 2000 - 2010 seasonsSee Also…

What is the pats winning percentage since 2000?


What is the Buffalo Bills winning percentage since 2000?

Have the Buffalo Bills won since 2000?

Who is the winningest college football team since World War 2?

Since 1946, Oklahoma is the winningest program either way you look at it. Leading the list in total wins is Oklahoma with 514. Nebraska, Penn State, and Texas are tied at second with 494. Oklahoma also leads the winning percentage list at .755. Ohio State is second at .743.

Where are the Bengals ranked in win percentage against the rest of the nfl since 1970?

Since 1970, the Bengals have a total record (regular season and playoffs) of 293-369 for a .440 winning percentage. This ties them for 26th with the Cleveland Browns. Only the Saints (.436 winning percentage), Cardinals (.411), Buccaneers (.403), Lions (.400), and Texans (.362) have a lower winning percentage.

In the modern era since 1936 which top ten NCAA Div 1 football teams have the best winning percentage?

1936 isn't the "modern era." The "modern era" is when they stopped wearing leather helmets.

Since 2001 who has the best winning percentage in the NFL?

New England Patriots

What college has played most college football games?

Rutgers and Princeton played the first ever game of American Football at the college level in the 1869, with Rutgers winning by a score of 6-4. College football has changed quite a bit since then, with the addition of the PAT, the forward pass, and more. Logic would suggest that because of the long history, these two schools have played the most games. Michigan 877 wins. Most all time.

What is the Dallas Cowboy's best winning record?

Since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978, the Cowboys have been 13-3 (.813 winning percentage) twice: 1992 and 2007.While playing a 14-game schedule, they were 12-2 (.857 winning percentage) twice: 1968 and 1977.[The above info was found at]----------

Who are the top 15 winningest college football teams since 2001?

USC is the winningest football school since 2001

Which English football side has gone the longest since winning an away game?

the dolphines

What NFL team has the best winning percentage since 1963?

New York Giants!!!

Can you list college football national football championships by conference since 1936?

ummmmm no

What are the most winningest college football teams since 1960?


Who was on the 2000 college of Charleston football team?

No one, as that team did not exist. The College of Charleston has not fielded a football team since the early 1900s.