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The boxer with the record for the most knockouts ever is Archie Moore.

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Shaun O'Grady

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Juilo cazer chavez

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Q: Who has the best ko record in boxing?
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What was Willie Pep's boxing record?

won 229 (KO 65) + lost 11 (KO 6) + drawn 1= 241

What was Mickey Ward's career boxing record?

38 wins, 13 losses with 27 KO's

What does the boxing term KO stand for?

In boxing, KO means Knock Out.

What was Brian London's boxing record?

37 wins, 20 losses, 1 draw with 26 KO's.

How did boxing turn out for berry gordy?

He may have had a handful more, but the best available evidence suggests the Motown founder had 17 professional fights with a respectable record of 12-3-2 (5 wins by KO, no losses by KO)

When did George Foreman's KO Boxing happen?

George Foreman's KO Boxing happened in 1992.

When was George Foreman's KO Boxing created?

George Foreman's KO Boxing was created in 1992-09.

Who had the best boxing record of all time?

rocky marciano had the best heavyweight record, except another fighter by the name of Ricardo Lopez has a record of 51 wins and no defeats, however undefeated records arent necessary the best records, the record of the largest winning streak is 88 fights... and if the more fights the better, then Len Wickwar should be taken notice of, with an astonishing record of 337 wins, 85 defeats and 42 draws