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Q: Who has the best factory bow string?
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The best and safest way to put a string on a bow is to use the?

bow stringer

What is the best type of string to use for a bow and arrow?

It depends on the type of bow you are using.

What is the string length of a pse silverhawk compound bow?

35, says it on the factory sticker on the lower limb.

What is the string on a bow and arrow called?

a bow string

How do you restring a compound bow?

To re-string a compound bow, you must first get the bow limbs to bend. The easiest way (and the safest) is to place the bow, with the string above the bow (it will look like a smile) in what is called a "bow press". Once the bow is in the press, it is pushed down to bend the limbs ("compressed"), causing the string to go slack; the string is now removed from the cams and the new string is installed. De-compress the bow and remove it from the press.The bow press can be somewhat expensive to purchase, so it may be best to take the bow to an archery shop and have the string replaced there. Due to the amount of pressure required to bend the bow's limbs, as well as the need to keep them bent while changing the string, attempting to restring a compound bow without the proper equipment is definitely not recommended.

What is a string of a bow?

The bow string is connected to both of the ends and it launches the Arrow

How do you fix a bow and arrows string?

You replace it, an repaired bow string is considerably less effective than in intact string.

Can metal wire act as a bow string?

yes it can it the bow bending not the string stretching

What is a string notch on an archery Bow?

its the notch at the top and bottom of the bow that you attach the loops on the string to.

How many suitors are able to string the bow in The Odyssey?

Only Odysseus is able to string the bow.

What do you normally use for a bow string?


How do you determine string or cable length for your compound bow?

what is the string length of a Mathew Mission compound bow

What is placing a bow against the bowstring called?

Placing an arrow against the bow string is notching the arrow, and pulling the bow string back ready to release the arrow is drawing the bow.

What was the bow string bridge made from?

bow sting

What does having another string to your bow mean?

Having another string to your bow means having another talent.

What is a bow lift in violin?

a bow lift is when you lift the bow off the violin strings and move to another part of the bow then place it back on the string. for example if you needed to do 2 down strokes in a row, you would start with the bottom of the bow (or the frogue) on the string then pull the bow to the tip. you would then lift the bow off the string and place it back at the frogue and pull the bow again.

How is a string instrument played?

strum, pluck,bow or hands/fingers i am da best

What is the purpose of the bow on a violin?

It vibrates the string by pulling it across the string. The hair on the bow has rosin applied to it making it sticky.

What happens if the string on a compound bow breaks?

well that depends. if you are holding your bow and it breaks then you could get hurt and your bow could possibly break. if it breaks when your not holding it, then it might damage your bow. if it doesn't damage your bow, you can take it to be restrung or do it yourself. be careful of dry-releasing (pulling back the string without an arrow on it) because you can break the string and/or break your bow.

How do you make a bow string?

Take any high test kind of string and tie a non slip loop knot on either end. Make sure the string is short enough to stay tight on the bow, but not to tight. If the bow is home-made, unstring it when not in use. When i made a bow i just used some string and it hasn't failed me yet.

How can you make a bow in runescape?

First cut a log into an unstrung bow, then use flax on a spinning wheel to make bow string, then use the bow string on the unstrung bow to make a finished bow. You will require a higher fletching level to make better bows.

What is an ancient bow drill?

An ancient bow drill is device that looks like a bow with a string. A piece of wood with a point is spun at high speed using the bow and string to drill a hole, usually in wood.

Why does the smallest string instrument have the largest bow and the largest string instrument use the smallest bow?

So that the sound can be heard louder

What does 'string follow' mean in archery?

String follow, also known as 'set' is a term used by bowyers to describe the amount a bow stays curved after it's unbraced (unstrung). For example you have a straight limbed bow. You brace (string) the bow with a brace height (distance between the arrow rest and where you nock the arrow) of 7". When you unbrace the bow, it maintains some of the curve that it had while braced. The amount it stays curved is the amount of string follow. The term is used for wood or backed self bows. Some string follow is not bad when creating a bow as it dampens hand shock and quiets a bow, but excessive string follow will rob a bow of cast.

What does lift bow mean in violas?

Lift bow means to take your bow off the string.