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Bo Jackson, Auburn Tigers....4.12

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Q: Who has the best 40 yard dash in college football?
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How fast did chris Johnson run in the 40 yard dash?

CJ(Chris Johnson) ran a 4.24 in the 40 yard dash and right now is the fastes football player in my opinion and the best football player in my opinion.

What is BJ Upton timing in the 40 yard dash?

He plays baseball they run the 30 yard dash, where he must be about a 3.9, which is equivalent to about a 4.4 in football.

What is average college corner 40 yard dash?


How fast does mike alstott run a 40 yard dash?

Mike Alstott ran a 4.66 40-yard dash in his college combine in 1996.

Who are the ten fastest football players in the 40 yard dash?

Steve Smith

What do devery Henderson run in a 40 yard dash?

I have read its 4.37 seconds, but for a man who ran the 100 in 10.3 in college that cant be his best

What was the fastest 40 yard dash time at the 2010 NFL football combine?


Amani toomer 40 yard dash time?

4.49 out of college4.49 out of college

Who is the fastest run back?

As of 2009 it is Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans with an electronically-timed 40 yard dash of 4.24.In College Football it is tie between the Kansas Jayhawks Jake Sharp and the Florida Gators Jeff Demps, both have been timed at 4.29Bo Jackson ran a 40-yard dash in a blistering 4.12 seconds (hand-timed), which is still the fastest verifiable 40-yard dash ever recorded at any NFL Combine.

What was rod woodson's 40 time?

According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame web page, Rod Woodson ran the 40 yard dash coming out of college at 4.29 seconds.

What is the average 10 yard dash time for a 13 year old boy with football experience?

A 10 yard dash time is really not a good judge of your speed, the distance is too short. A 40 yard dash is what you need to get a good estimate of your abilities. but I'll give you time for both 40 yard dash-between 5-5.8 seconds 10 yard dash-between 1.3-1.5 seconds

Distance for point after touchdown from the goal line in football?

The ball is placed at the 2 yard line in the NFL and the 3 yard line in college football.