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Q: Who has scored the most goals off of headers?
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How many goals has harry kewell ever scored?

121 goals (but this is off wiki)

How many goals did Jimmy Greaves score for England?

Jimmy Greaves scored 44 goals for England. Jimmy Greaves scored 44 goals off of 57 appearances for England. Currently standing as the best strike rate for England.

How many times did Maurice Richard scored three goals in a play off game?


In cricket who has the highest score of the most runs in a over?

In Test matches Brian Lara scored most runs off one over. He scored 28 runs off one over. In ODI Herschelle Gibbs scored most runs off one over. He scored 36 runs off one over.

What are short handed goals and top shelf goals in hockey?

A short-handed goal is a goal that is scored when the goal scorer's team is short-handed. In other words, when their team is killing off a penalty. A goal that is scored "top shelf" is a goal that is scored high in the net.

Who has scored the most goals in a world cup?

In the 1958 World Cup the Moroccan born French striker Just Fontaine scored 13 goals for France which is the most by a player in a singe tournament. However, four of Fontaine's 13 goals came in the 3rd place play-off match against West Germany. Some consider that goals in these games should not count as there is nothing to play for and generally the matches are disproportionately high scoring. Excluding 3rd place play-off matches the top scorer in a single World Cup would be Sandor Kocsis of Hungary who scored 11 goals in the 1954 tournament as Hungary reached the final.

Do you have to take the headers off of a 302 motor to change heads?

Yes , you would have to unbolt the headers from the cylinder heads

How do you install headers on a 2000 cavalier 2.4?

you buy the headers take yours off and put the new 1's on

What is the record for the most points scored off of turnovers in a single game in the NFL?


3 goals in 21 seconds?

On Mar. 23, 1952, Bill Mosienko of the Chicago Black Hawks scored 3 goals in 21 seconds. He almost had a fourth a few seconds later but rang it off the post.

Is open headers bad?

If your looking for raw open power than no. But you can't drive a vehicle on the roads with open headers. So it's mainly off-road trucks or high hp mud trucks that run open headers.

Can a goal be scored driectly from a kickoff?

A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.

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