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also, bellamy, sheringham, crouch, Andy cole

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Q: Who has scored for five different premiership clubs?
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Which players have scored for five different premiership teams?

Nick Barmby

Which 8 players have scored a goal playing for 5 different teams in the premiership?

Nicolas Anelka, Nick Barmby, Benito Carbone, Stan Collymore, Mark Hughes, Teddy Sheringham, Chris Sutton and Ashley Ward. Meanwhile, three players have scored for six Premiership clubs (so really it's 11 players who've scored for five): Marcus Bent, Andy Cole and Les Ferdinand.

Who has scored the most premiership goals in the last five minutes of games?

Manchester United

Who has scored for five different clubs in the champions league?

Hernan Crespo - Chelsea, Ac Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio & Parma

Name Five french players to play in premiership with four different clubs?

nasri-man city,sagna-arsenal,n'gog-bolton,evra-united and cabaye-newcastle

How old was Wayne Rooney when he scored his first premiership goal?

16, five days before his seventeenth birthday

What international striker has played for three premiership clubs?

The only one I can think of has played for five premiership clubs: 1997-99 Arsenal. 2002 (loan) Liverpool. 2002-2005 Manchester city. 2006-2008 Bolton. 2008- present, Chelsea. Nicholas Anelka.

How many teams have scored five goals or more in the English premiership and who are they?

all the teams in the premier league have scored more than 5 goals except QPR have only just done it

What NHL player scored five goals in five different ways?

Mario Lemiuex

Who is the only player to be relegated from the premier league five times with five different clubs?


Who scored 5 touchdowns in five different ways?

The Indianapolis Colts

How many Manchester united players have scored 100 goals in the premiership?

There are five. Teddy Sheringham Andrew Cole Dwight Yorke Ryan Giggs Paul Scholes

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