Who has scored consecutive hat tricks in the premiership?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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lucas lieva

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Q: Who has scored consecutive hat tricks in the premiership?
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Who has scored hat tricks in English premiership and played in spl?


Who scored hat-tricks for Southampton in the premiership?

Matt Le Tissier and James Beattie.

Who has scored 3 premiership hat tricks?

It is Les Ferdinand, teddy Sherringham and Kevin cam bell.

Name two footballers who have played in SPL and scored Hat tricks in English premiership?

Mark Viduka and Andrei Kanchelskis

How many hat tricks has messi scored for barcalona?

he has scored about 19 (hat tricks)

Name the player who has scored a hatrick at every level and for his country?

Robert Earnshaw. He scored hat-tricks in all divisions in the football league with Cardiff City, in the Premiership with West Bromwich Albion, and for Wales (v Scotland) at international level.

Who has scored hat-tricks in European cup finals?

Puskas, Di Stefano, and Pierino Prati are the only three players to have scored hat-tricks in the European cup finals. A hat-trick in soccer is when three consecutive goals are scored by one player.

Who are German players who scored hat tricks in premiership?

Jurgen Klinsmann (Spurs 1998), Fredi Bobis (Bolton 2002) and Andre Schurrle (Chelsea 2014)

Who holds the NHL record for playoff hat tricks?

H. H. Stephenson took three wickets in a row playing for England against Hallam, in 1858. He was given a hat for his performance; this is the first recording of any use of the term "hat trick" or the actual idea of a hat for three consecutive successes.

How many hat tricks has Rooney scored?

about 3

How many hat tricks has Fernando Torres scored?


What player has scored hat tricks for and against Chelsea?