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Ryan Giggs (Wales) has score 99 English Premier League goals, all for Manchester United.

As of October 20th 2009, for up-to-date stats visit

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Q: Who has scored 99 premier league goals?
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Which premier league team has the most points since the premier league began?

I'm 99% sure that it is Manchester United, as they have won the Premier League the most times

How many goals has thierry Henry scored against Man United at old traford?

The total number of goals scored by Thierry Henry in the Premiere League is 175. Henry is a French footballer who plays for the New York Red Bulls in Major League Soccer.

How many goals did Carlos Tevez score in his career?

In the 2007-08 season, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 31 goals in 34 Premier League games, 3 goals in 3 FA Cup games, and 8 goals in 11 European games, making a total of 42 goals in 49 games.

How many goals have Wayne Rooney scored in all competitions for man utd?

2004/05 - 2010/11; 147 goals in all competitions for Manchester United

Is Celtic top of the scottish premier league?

Yes, Celtic is the leading team of the Scottish Premier League. They had a total of 99 points in the 2031-2014 season.

How many premiership goals were scored in the 2005 - 2006 season by Charlton?

how many premiership goals were scored by Charlton athletic during the 2005 - 2006 season was 99 by your um

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Fabrizio Ravanelli scored 31 goals for Olympique de Marseille.

Which team emerged the English Premier League champions in the 1998-99 season?

Manchester United was the 1998-99 champions.

Amount of goals ronaldo has scored for united?

99 at the moment [date 8/11/08]

How many goals did Thierry Henry score at highbury?

To date Thierry Henry has scored 227 goals for arsenal and a whopping 137 at highbury from 99-06

Who won the league in 1998?

Arsenal won the 1997-98 premier league season, with Manchester United winning in 1998-99.