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peter shilton 129 caps

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Q: Who has played the most games for England?
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Who played the most 6 nations games for England?


Who played the most top flight football games in England?


What team has played in the most NFL championship games?

New England

Who has played the most cricket games against Australia?

Cricket is a game played with a ball and bat, where the pitcher bowls the ball to the batter. England has played the most cricket games against Australia.

Which Englishman has played the most champions league games?

It is paul Schole of England and Manchester united.

Which 3 English Footballballers have played the most times for England?

Three footballers to play the most games for England are Peter Shilton, David Beckham and sir Bobby Moore.

How many games have Glen JOHNSON played for England?

about 30 to 20 games

Who has played most champions league games?

Ryan Giggs, the welsh player who played for Manchester United, has played the most CHampions League games. He has played 141 champions league games.

How many games did Brian j white play with the New England Patriots?

Brian J White has played no games for the New England Patriots.

Who scored the most games for England in the wrld cup qualifying games?


What songs are played at the New England Patriots games?

crazy train

What are the songs played at the New England Patriots games?


Steven Gerrard how many games played for England?

84 caps

Who has played the most number of games at the Cricket World Cup to date?

Ricky Ponting has played most number of games.He has played 46 games.

Who was the player that played the most World Series games?

Yogi Berra played in the most World Series games with 75

Where have the most NBA games been played?

The most were in America but the most games by city were in dallas.

Who has played the most games at catcher?

Carlton Fisk with 2226 games played as a catcher

How many games has New England Patriots played since they were established?

They have played 804 regular season games and 41 playoff games since their beginning in the 1960 season.

Where was the most recent Olympic Games held?

The most recent Olympic games were in China (Beijing) and in 2012 its in England (London)

Which team has played most test match?


Who played for most clubs in England?

David James

Who played most games for NY Mets?

Ed Kranepool has the most career games played by a New York Met with 1,853.

Which NFL team has played in the most championship games?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have played in 15 championship games. The most in NFL history.

What NFL team has played the most Thanksgiving Day games?

What NFL team played in the most thanks given day games

What country has been to the most Olympic games?

English England