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peter griffin 9378 matches peter griffin 9378 matches

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Q: Who has played the most Rugby league matches?
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Who has played the most test matches in rugby?

George Gregan played 139 Tests for Australia

How likely is it to be injured in rugby league?

league is a high speed contact sport. there are injuries in most matches. Its the severity of those that is a problem

Who in the Australian rugby league have played in the most teams?

Darren Lockyar with Brisbane

Who has played the most number of matches in the English premier league?

Ryan Giggs

What are all the rugby league teams?

Rugby League is played in 34 countries and is most popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, Papua New Guinea and France.

What team has played the most grand finals in rugby league?

Eastern suburbs roosters

Is rugby league dangerous?

Rugby league is very dangerous. The most dangerous thing in rugby league is conor mac he WILL break you in half

Who has won the most rugby matches the north or the south?


Where is rugby league commonly played?

Its played world wide but has most activity in England, Australia and New Zealand

Do Australians prefer Rugby League or Rugby Union?

Rugby league is by far dominant in Australia. Union is the fourth most popular code of football, after Rugby League, Australian Rules and Soccer.

Which team has won the most rugby matches between France and Ireland?

Between France and Ireland, there have been a total of 91 rugby matches. France has won the most, with an overall of 56 wins.

How many people like Rugby?

Rugby League is Australia's second most popular sport. Rugby Union is played in alot of countries including SA, NZ, England and Europe.

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