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Sachin Tendulkar for Indian International Cricket Team

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Suresh Raina

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Q: Who has played most number of IPL matches?
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Who has played the most no. matches in ipl?

Suresh Raina(CSK)

Which Umpire has officiated the most number of IPL matches?

Billy Doctrove (44 Matches)

What is the number of matches in dlf ipl?

60 matches in the ipl between 8 teams

How many matches will be played in Dlf Ipl matches?

30 matches

Who has won most number of man of the matches in ipl till 2011?

Yousaf Pathan

What are the number of matches won by kolkata knight riders in ipl 2010nd lose in IPL 2010?

Matches Won -7 Matches Lost -7

Which ground has hosted most number of matches in ipl history till 2011 edition?


How many matches will the winning team play in the ipl 2011?

Team winning the IPL 2011 was Chennai Super Kings which played 16 matches.

How many matches have gone into a super over in IPL?

Mumabi Indian had played 61 matches in IPL till 09/04/2012.

Who has won the maximum number of man of the match in IPL?

yusuf pathan has won highest man of the matches in ipl

How many matches have rcb played in ipl 2012?

16 matches 8 wins 7 loss 1 no result

Why has ipl matches become controversial?

itz beause money poured in ipl matches and the availability of players for inter national matches is a concern...