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Craig bellamy

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Andrie Kanchelis

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kolo toure

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Q: Who has played in a Merseyside Glasgow North London and Manchester derby?
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Which English player has played in all four of the following games Manchester Derby Merseyside Derby Glasgow Derby and London derby?


Who has played in the merseyside derby Manchester derby north London derby tyneside derby and the Glasgow derby?

I think nobody

Who played in Manchester darby merseyside darby and Glasgow darby?

there could be a few but, a player who has scored in all three mancherster, merseyside and Glasgow derbys is andrei kanchelskis.

Name the player who played in Glasgow Manchester London and Milan drebies?

No one has. not as far as i can tell anyway. Paul ince played in London Manchester Liverpool and milan derbies but not Glasgow. Craig bellamy played in Manchester, Liverpool London and Glasgow derbies. Andrei Kanchelskis played in Glasgow, Liverpool, and Manchester. Robbie Keane has played in London,Liverpool,milan,and Glasgow but not in Manchester. Patrick Viera has played in London, Milan, and Manchester derbies. As far as i can tell no one has yet.

Which player has played in the Merseyside Derby Manchester Derby Glasgow Derby and the Madrid Derby?


Who played in Manchester merseyside and Glasgow derbys?

Andrei Kanchelskis, for Man Utd, Everton and Rangers.

Which current premiershire footballer has played in Glasgow derby Manchester derby London derby Merseyside Derby Tyneside deryb and East Anglia derby?

Craig Bellamy

Played in north London derby merseyside derby and Manchester derby?

Craig belamy

Who has played in a Manchester merseyside Turkish spanish and two London derbys?

Nicholas anlkia

Which player has played in Manchester derby merseyside derby Milan derby and a Glasgow derby?

Andei Kanchelskis - Manchester United, Everton, AC Milan and Rangers

Name the current premiership player that has played in the Manchester merseyside and north London derby?

Robbie Keane has played in both the Mancheter-Merseyside derby (LIVERPOOL vs Manchester United) and the north-london derby (TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Arsenal)

What player played in all three derby matches at Manchester Glasgow and merseyside?


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